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I'm the bearer of bad news.  A gas leak has been identified near the Lion Gate entrance to Bushy Park. Unfortunately this means that traffic is being managed by three way lights so on top of the roadworks for Thames Water this looks likely to cause yet more delays.

Of course this is something of an emergency so it's important that the crews get to the bottom of the problem and fix the leak.  The initial timescale being offered to the council is that it SHOULD be cleared by tomorrow afternoon.

So if you can take the train or the bike to get around then I strongly advise that you do so - because even if you're driving to avoid the Hampton Court Road, you can bet your bippy that many others will be doing exactly the same

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I am beginning to feel as though I live on a desert island as can't go anywhere

I doubt there's anywhere finer in which to be stranded than Hampton, Janice!

Janice Merritt said:

I am beginning to feel as though I live on a desert island as can't go anywhere

Just to add to this then.....

I got an email from from the council to say that Thames Water have been called to fix the water pipe in the middle of station road outside the railway bell at the four way junction

It's a sinking desert island :)

Saw that water seeping out about a week ago and wondered when that one would be done as well.  We are definitely sinking glug glug

The road is also up on Uxbridge Road at the junction with Windmill Road, one lane out, with traffic light controls. We've also just been alerted of roadworks on Buckingham Road starting tomorrow for six weeks.

Pretty soon there will be no clear routes in or out of Hampton at all. You couldn't make it up.

Let's hope the railway works finish on time as we have the London Bike Race the weekend of the 30th/31st July, so we will be locked in again.  With a bit of luck the A308 will be clear for the herds of people descending upon us (and causing traffic jams) from the 5th to 10th July.  Difficulty yet again for locals to get anywhere.

I agree with Clive you couldn't make this up, locked in for months.  Rebate on my car tax please as I can't use the car to get anywhere!!!!

Don't think we should be begrudging amazing evernts like the flower show or the ride London. All of them being joy and interest to the area. And some works of course is essential so an inconvenience but necessary
We should however begrudge thames water who can't mend anything properly . Still. Also SW trains. And people who ride bikes down dukes head of course.

I wasn't begrudging the events, but when I was working at Hampton Wick, my journey home doubled when the flower show was on.  Friends of mine have had to alter their anniversary bash because of the bike race, I did warn them that roads shut early on the Friday.  Once a year is no problem, but as all of us are saying we have all this and then we could have these events.  Now and again it would be good for me to be able to do what is on a good day an 8 min ride to west Molesey to see my grandchildren.

I struggled through the roadworks on Uxbridge Road today at 0950 hrs and disappointingly sad was the fact that there was not a workman in sight or indeed on site.  Why? The repair certainly wasn't finished.

It seems there is more work to highways in Plevna Road so if we are able to get out of Hampton parking will become a nightmare. Is there some sort of vendetta against those of us who live in and around Station Road, Avenue Road, Belgrade Road etc. The dates set are 6th May to 16th May.Does the council communicate with relevant departments. Some long term consideration needs to be addressed for us residents in this part of Hampton.!!!!

They will probably be back on Tuesday but NO WATER WORKS going on this weekend, it was bliss yesterday a clear road through no lights nothing.

Dear Gareth,

Thank you so much for your tireless work for the local community to date. This is very much appreciated by many residents.

I'm compelled to write to you for the first time because of the very severe travel disruption caused by various phases of maintenance work by various organisations on Thames Street and Hampton Court Road (and other local areas) since January 2016.

It's obvious that The London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames (LBRUT) have not been able to effectively plan the maintenance work in a way that offers a reasonable limit to the impact on local transport, traffic and the level of pollution from Hampton to Hampton Court. 

I would like to see a lot more information on this forum from LBRUT regarding the following:-

Information is related to peak times from 7:30am - 10:00am & 15:30 - 19:30 daily (Monday to Friday).

1. How does it currently take for a bus (such as the 111) or car to travel from North Hampton to Kingston?

2. How does it currently take a bus (such as the 111) or car to travel from Kingston to North Hampton?

3. What are the levels of pollution at the corner of the Thames St (A308) and High St (A3008)? A mobile monitor will need to be deployed to this area. I'm especially concerned about pollution during the warmer weather forecast for this week.

4. What are the current working hours the team performing the maintenance work and how many resources are working on it?

Finally, we know that there are many people being severely delayed due to this ongoing situation. There are children and students trying to get to school & college; men and women trying to get to work and elderly people who rely heavily on public transport to make their hospital/surgery appointments.

It's now time for the local authority to be accountable for such a severe impact on peoples lives during the past three months. It's no longer acceptable to refer the public to the specific organisation carrying out the work such at Thames Water or BT etc.

Please publish the name of the person at LBRUT whom is ultimately responsible for this severe ongoing situation.

Yours sincerely,

Mr H.R. Williams.

(Local Resident)

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