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I'm the bearer of bad news.  A gas leak has been identified near the Lion Gate entrance to Bushy Park. Unfortunately this means that traffic is being managed by three way lights so on top of the roadworks for Thames Water this looks likely to cause yet more delays.

Of course this is something of an emergency so it's important that the crews get to the bottom of the problem and fix the leak.  The initial timescale being offered to the council is that it SHOULD be cleared by tomorrow afternoon.

So if you can take the train or the bike to get around then I strongly advise that you do so - because even if you're driving to avoid the Hampton Court Road, you can bet your bippy that many others will be doing exactly the same

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I agree, the statement from LBRUT is actually insulting.

I expect the diminished trust & confidence in LBRUT due to this appalling lack of planning & communication will last for many years to come. They will be required to justify every action of this type, especially in public meetings.

We reject this statement, I'd like another LBRUT representative to be appointed to take responsibility.

Notice how absent our local councillors are at a time when we need them most.

We should continue to widen our protest for as long as it takes. Don't give up friends!!!

Thames Water need to work shifts for 24 hours a day to complete this in 4 days (including the weekend). Nothing less is acceptable. 

Enough is enough. Don't accept it!!

I totally agree. Why is there no work being continued at weekends. I went by yesterday and today at 3pm. Not a worker insight. Boris said companies would be fined if work wasn't carried out overnight where it is causing MAJOR disruption. How about seeking advicre from our new London Mayor.

I also understood TW have been told they MUST work longer hours and overnight. And this work had planning granted because it was needed yet again NOT that it was an emergency.

I have also received LBRUT's Statement with a variation to Para. #7 which now includes working hours.  

Came past there at 18.00 and deserted.  No excuse I can see for not working round the clock shifts other than they don't have or want to!


During this time, traffic has been managed by means of 2-way temporary signals, there will be personnel on site to manually control flows during peak operation hours.  Working times are 08:00hrs -19:00hrs Monday-Friday and 08:00hrs -17:00hrs Saturday/Sunday.   These working times will also apply on the final phase of the works.

Dear Mr Cook

It was good to speak with you yesterday evening.

Regarding our conversation concerning the on-going Thames Water works on Hampton Court Road, please see LBRuT’s statement update below.  When we receive Thames Water’s official update/release I will email you a copy for your records.

The third and final phase of these works will hopefully be finished ahead of time, as the damaged water main at the upcoming location (St Albans Lodge) is significantly smaller (9” main) than at the current site (42” high pressure main), and is therefore not set as deeply into the ground.   The current works are being undertaken 6 meters below the surface.

Best Regards, Nick

Nick Halpin

Streetworks Technical Officer

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Network Management

Tel: 020 8487 5172

Email: nick.halpin@richmond.gov.uk



Mike Dennison said:

I just received by e-mail a statement from the council:

In response to a significant number of enquiries that have been sent to the Council in recent weeks, I am writing to update on the latest situation on essential water alleviation works on Hampton Court Road that started on 10th April for approximately 6 weeks .


As a local highway authority we have an obligation to schedule and coordinate planned road works to minimise network disruption, however we must cater for emergency / essential works as far as is reasonably practicable.


The Thames Water works on Hampton Court Road are deemed severe enough to threaten the continued supply of essential services, therefore we are duty bound to enable such works to commence without delay and minimise network disruption as far as is practically possible.


Having sought a formal release from Thames Water we are in the process of awaiting their correspondence. However I did not wish to delay updating you as to the latest situation of what we currently know.


As of tomorrow (12/5/16) works, it is our understanding Thames Water will be completed on the second phase at Taggs Island of the three phase project.  These have been efforts to dig approx. 6 metres down onto a 42” trunk main and make a repair to a leaking joint.  Personnel are on site making the final touches to this repair.


Thames Water has confirmed they intend to commence on the final stage of the three stage alleviation works project immediately after the completion of the second phase.  It is our understanding that the works are expected to last for approximately 8 days and will be undertaken close to St Albans Lodge. This will again be excavation on a water main, depth is approximately 2 metres under the road surface.


During this time traffic has been managed by means of 2-way temporary signals, there will be personnel on site to manually control flows during peak operation hours.


VMS boards remain at 7 different locations as they approach advising road users to expect delays. The situation continues that severe delays are expected to traffic in both directions and we will continue to monitor both the progress of works and traffic flows throughout this time. I would be most grateful if you could circulate this information on to those with concerns and reassure them that every effort is being made to resolve the infrastructure issues at the earliest time.


For further details of Thames Water’s essential works please contact 0800 009 3964.

So the question then is, if these works are so essential, why are there no workers there most of the time?

I am so pleased to see that people had the same reaction to the Council's response as I did.  This is the equivalent of 'I'll speak slowly so the stupid people can keep up.'  

Someone's telling big porkys.  Shift times may be set at 8am - 7pm but  they are not working those hours. As for weekends not a soul worked over the weekend on Sats or Suns.  Time to take the bigwigs to task and implement thoser Boris fines

It would be nice to actually see some workmen working, from what I have seen and heard not a lot of that is being done, no people working at the weekend, where do they think we are all coming from 'outer space' get it together TW.  Enough is enough, yes we all know the water mains can't take the traffic load on top of it, but come on think of the whole area and what this mess has created.  I am actually going to try and get out of Hampton tomorrow by car, hope I can, for a hospital appointment no point on relying on a bus that could take me there, as they cannot possibly run to time during this mayhem

The traffic is running smoothly this evening- does this mean we are going to get respite this weekend or will it be back to gridlock tomorrow? Or better still are they finished?

I hope that LBRUT are monitoring Thames Water regarding working hours and traffic management.

We still don't have any hard facts from LBRUT regarding the actual delay in minutes to all public transport due to this work that has been ongoing for many weeks.

Traffic restrictions are in place 24hrs a day, but the work is not being carried out in a way to maximise progress & efficiency.

Let us know here if you notice no activity at the site during the hours of 08:00 - 19:00 

Thames Water should be working much longer hours as other utilities have been asked to do on Hampton Court Road/Thames Street etc.

Help for heroes...
Last Thursday. 5.23 PM. No workmen present.

There was no-one there at around 4pm Saturday

More bad news traffic lights at the Bridge and Ormand Avenue as well as in Station Road to do water repair there. I spoke to the man who knew nothing about the works on the A308, so will be even worse tomorrow

The lights are up and running this evening, no workmen of course

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