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I've just received notification of gas works which will be happening at the junction of Percy Road and Priory Road effective tomorrow.


The junction will be under 4 way traffic light control until 22nd January.


If you're going anywhere in a hurry you might want to avoid that route!



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Is this part of the major series of gas works that seems to have been going on for over a year or has that finally finished and this is a one-off?

Hi Paul


That I don't know. I'll ask for clarification

No lights at that junction tonight, but one side of Priory Road has been dug up, past the Medical Centre. That's going to cause a headache for residents and visitors alike.


The works look very similar to those gas works that have been working their way across the parish for the past year. Upgrading the mains I think.

I think Hampton is becoming a "Temp traffic light city". I'm sick to death of all the road works happening here. Eventually they always end up digging in the same spot 3 months later.
I know this is a pain, but these gas works are long overdue.  Most old gas pipes are cast iron, and can corrode or simply split under pressure from traffic.  The gas finds its way around the gap between the earth and the service pipe into neighbouring properties.  I investigated an incident some years ago when this situation killed an elderly couple, because they couldn't smell the gas and lit their cooker.  I wouldn't want to see another incident like this, so roll on further gas pipe replacement, whatever the inconvenience.



we were told that works would go on to the beginnning of March and expect distruption etc etc. It is indeed to replace cast iron mains with yellow plastic mains.


A Priory Road Resident.


Just for information local councillors have been notified that some Thames Water essential works are going to happen outside the Thames Water Treatment Plant in Upper Sunbury Road Hampton.  Work starts next Monday 7th February and is due to finish on Friday 11th February.

It's to repair an underground water leak.

The pavement and part of the roadway will be closed. 

If the road has to be dug-up too much the existing 3 way traffic signals will be switched off and temporary signals will be put in place.  However this will only happen if the leak is further under the roadway then is expected.


I learn't something this weekend.


Apparently, the gas people working on Priory Road can do what they want when they want to. After waking us up at 8:30 on Sunday morning with a Pneumatic drill we were then treated to a Sunday's worth of drilling and digging.


Richmond Council's respsonse (at least they did respond) was that they haven't placed any restrictions on them because they want the work done as quickly as possible. Which I wouldn't mind but no work at all was undertaken on monday, so would seem to defeat the object of ruining Sunday for us.  


Grrrr, rant over.




Just a further update on the A308 roadworks


This is an email I received from the Senior Engineer at the council

"This is an update on the current situation in Upper Sunbury Road Hampton.


There have been three leaks discovered, on a 33 inch mains pipe, a 4 inch pipe and as yet an undiscovered further leak.


I have instructed Thames Water to work around the clock to get the repairs completed as soon as possible.


The work will not now be completed by tomorrow, Tuesday 15th, as originally anticipated"

It would appear that our water network has so many leaks that Julian Assange would look on and nod his approval. Here's the latest update I've received about the A308


"The latest situation at Upper Sunbury Road is that there appear to be four leaks which now include a 42” pipe, where there is a tee which is leaking going in to the Treatment Works.

The fence outside the Treatment Works will probably have to be removed to enable this leak to be repaired.


At this time I cannot say when the work will be completed, but I have been ensured by Thames Water that they are working around the clock to get Upper Sunbury Road fully open as soon as possible. "

Very hard to draw any firm conclusions from this update except that everyone is working very hard and there could be problems all the way to Christmas :-)  (notice I have not mentioned which year)
Well quite! In a blazing spirit of coalition feeling I would say that there's certainly something in Boris's suggestion that utility companies should be required to hire roads by the day. It would focus the mind splendidly

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