I have it on good authority that Brian May, who was Queen's lead guitarist, lived in Gloucester Road. Does anyone have any idea what number he lived at? I don't suppose there are any plans for a blue plaque (!!) but it would be fun to know which house it was. Maybe the current residents already know or maybe it would be a nice surprise for them. Brian May certainly lived in Hampton and went to Hampton Grammar, so Gloucester Road would have been pretty handy for him (and his parents Harold and Ruth).

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I am sure Brian would be touched by your kind thoughts but perhaps you wouldn't want him to wish his life away just yet as one of the primary criteria for a blue plaque is: 

'At least 20 years must have passed since a proposed figure's death'


Hi Paul, this link says he lived in Feltham?


Paula Yates used to live in Parrs place just off Tudor road

hmmmm - other sites suggest Hampton - maybe the 'Gloucester' House name (where he was born) is the confusing element here?



Maybe he will register with this site and then we can get our facts straight. I hope so :-)

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