The gate at the path leading from the Library onto Upper Sunbury Road had been padlocked. I’ve been using this route for over 20 years and I’m not pleased to see this happen. I hope it is only a temporary measure. Gareth, do you know if this is permissible?

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I own the The Lodge and we notified the council months ago of the deteriorated gates and the danger they pose to pedestrians (esp school children) who use the gates. Yesterday some workers came to tac-weld the panels below and only tac’d a few sections to keep the removed iron panel in place, when the Library Facilities Manger came to inspect, he asked us to open the gate and it it collapsed completely on him and almost landed on him. So now this beautiful listed gate, is in a pile of rubble on the ground. While some may be complaining about the inconvenience of the gate being closed and having to walk a few meters to the Beards Hill path, I am sure you will agree that a heavy iron gate falling on an elderly person or child, would have been the worst outcome. Sometimes people should look past their own noses, before casting stones.
Thanks Matt - That’s really helpful context. I walked past this morning and can indeed confirm the gate is in bits and very much open (as in no longer a gate). Sorry to hear you nearly copped it in its death throes. No-one’s casting stones. These things happen in a vacuum and people are just trying to sort it out. Pics attached.
Well that explains the how’s and why’s and hopefully the gates will be fully restored and back in working order and no one has been hurt. However, the detour is significant when walking to the station and is inconvenient and it is the job of the council to lock the gates.

As stated above a mild inconvenience is much preferred than an injury to a child or elderly person. Safety is everyone's responsibility, not just the council mate.  

Alan Wino said:

However, the detour is significant when walking to the station .....
Erm how come? If you go up Beards Hill and continue straight on down the Ally there is no detour, let alone a significant one?
Unless we are talking about Fulwell Station :)

For info - Given the council is now are repairing the gates, I have asked to open the opposite gate for pedestrian use, so people are not walking onto our land in the future to gain access to the library.

I have also raised the issue regarding the surface of the path being a risk to public users given the degraded and washed out surface. I believe the path should be in the same condition as the Beard's Hill path.

I think this will give a positive outcome for us (as the owner's of the land) and pedestrians who would like to access via that path. I will keep you updated once i hear back from the council.

Agreed, the Beard's Hill path is a better path to go down and it is not a significant detour.

Just measured it, via Beards Hill is significantly longer.

If you class 1 metre as significant ;)

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