The gate at the path leading from the Library onto Upper Sunbury Road had been padlocked. I’ve been using this route for over 20 years and I’m not pleased to see this happen. I hope it is only a temporary measure. Gareth, do you know if this is permissible?

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Hi Alan - I've pinged the council and libraries on Twitter to see if they can shed any light.

Richmond Council has assigned this (Ref: 5075345) and hopefully a team will visit later today. Hope this can get sorted Alan.

Thanks Matt - it may be locked for maintenance/ work reasons. I might drop a note through the door of the gatehouse cottage, which has a fairly new owner, to enquire.

Hi Alan

Pretty sure this isn't allowed. Public right of way and all that.  In fact it was Suzette who got these gates restored a few years back when they were in a pretty poor state of repair and one completely off the hinges as I recall.

Let us know how the note works


Thanks Gareth - is there a way to check if this is a designated ‘right of way’ - Thanks
Matt - any response from the council?

Not as yet Alan but I have chased. Have you been past the gate recently?

Alan - The council has replied that the gate is looked after by the library, and the request to remove the padlock was passed to them.

Thanks for your help Matt. Alas the gates are still padlocked and the gatehouse is now up for let and I think it’s not occupied. I suspect it’s an attempt to prevent use by the public and I would expect this to be a designated right of way so maybe Gareth can please explain how this can be escalated and solved. I’ll also pop in to ask at the Library the weekend.

Hi Alan - a few bits and bobs:

The Richmond Libraries twitter account has replied saying "Works are still ongoing, best to avoid this area at the moment." This didn't specify what works, and I've asked them to confirm the gates will reopen following completion.

Looking at the Richmond Council planning site, there was a recent application for tree-felling at 'The Lodge', which I understand is the property next to the gate. So this might be the works referred to?

If you look at the Richmond Council public right of way tool, the Rosehill path isn't protected. The Beard's Hill path is (PROW300), as is the path at the end of Belgrade Road (PROW299).

Suggest all concerned keep on at the Library for the gates to be re-opened asap.

And just in from Richmond Libraries: "The path from Hampton Library, via The Lodge, to the A308, Upper Sunbury Road, will be closed until further notice. We'll let you know when it reopens. Please use the Beard's Hill path in the meantime. Sorry for the inconvenience." Take from that what you will.

Really appreciate your help Matt. I wonder what the issue is and who actually owns the land. If it’s the council I’m sure our esteemed local councillor will able to answer all our questions! I’ll enquire at the Library on Saturday as well.

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