Does anyone know if there is to be a Screen on the Green this year?

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We very much hope that there will be.

We've booked the screen, we've chosen the film (don't ask, it's a secret!) and we have a date. Now all we need to do is secure the money.

Any philanthropists reading this who have a spare three thousand pounds who would like to sponsor the event, please get in touch!

Watch this space for more details.

I'm on the look out for one of them too.. Form an orderly queue! I hope you are successful.

Are you allowed to charge? If so, I am sure the people who have enjoyed it so much for the last two years running would be happy to pay. If not, could you sell raffle tickets that included entry for the auction draw after the end of the movie?

The problem is the green has no gates making it impossible to set up turnstiles, fencing would be an additional cost which we don't have. More importantly though bringing everyone together for free is what its about, giving a little back to the village

If you were permitted to use the Beveree, that would make it possible to take money on entry?

But we couldn't call it the screen on the green then : )'s still green around there... just not THE green!! '

How about 'See on the Beveree' ?!

'War Horse' is on tonight on 'Screen on the Green'

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