Dear People's Network, I allowed myself to be talked into having a Smart Meter for my Gas and Electricity. On 14th August, two very nice engineers turn up and fitted my Smart Meter. the meter was not fully functional by the time they left. But I was informed the display would soon be up and running. that did not happen. I telephoned my supplier Scottish Power and was told an expert would get back to me. A couple of days later I received a call from a very unhelpful young lady informing me the gas side of the meter would not work as there were insufficient 'Boosters' in my area, I live in Cleveland Avenue. The In-Home Display is now in the drawer and I lay on the ground each month to read the gas meter !!! Perhaps somebody out there has more luck than I Regards. Bryan.

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Hi. I gave in and had smart meters fitted.  I am with E-on and yes the display monitor does work. I have it just for fun in the kitchen with trial experimenting to see what things cost to run.  After that I am going to put away as I desperately need the plug socket.

Bryan I don't know why you are lying on the floor to read the gas meter each month.  It should be sending the information back automatically with or without the display/monitor working, my friend had the same problem the meter still sends her info.

Hi Janice, I was told by Scottish Power that the gas meter readings were not working and that I would have to send my gas meter readings online. I forgot to mention in my post I did write to the Director of Customer Services. I did not receive an acknowledgment or a reply.

Poor you then, I obviously misread what was wrong, what's the point in fitting them and then they don't work.  I was told they would check the signal before they started installation at my end

Hi Bryan, this is just to make you feel better.  Today E-on asked me for meter readings, I read the electric ok and then managed to sort out the gas.  Only when I put the readings into my account they wouldn't accept it.  Phoned them and lo and behold they had no knowledge of my having a gas smart meter.  Spent ages on the phone and a girl is going to get back to me to tell me what happened,  also I couldn't find the serial number of new meter to give to her.  On reading the gas meter I smelt gas, so I am now sitting without any having been told to switch it off.

I hope that makes you feel a little happier, seems more trouble than they are worth.

Well at least I have the serial number, got the man that came to check the leak to give it to me ha ha


I'm told that this is to be expected around TW12 (Molesey exchange), that is lack of sufficient broadband capacity.

Anyway the first generation meters (SMETS1) are only usable with the initial installation so any suppier change in the future will make the meter redundant! If you have a SMETS2 meter its not a problem, except of course the connection.

Probably best to admit defeat graciously. 

Regards, John.

Well I have SMET2 and as yet not connected to E-on

"Insufficient boosters" sounds like a load of rubbish. Each meter records usage and sends the reading, normally every half an hour via the cellphone network to a data collection hub.

I certainly won't have a smart (electricity) meter fitted as not only can they remotely disconnect you, they can change the charging rate throughout the day and have the ability to charge you a penalty for poor "power factor" just the same as industrial consumers.

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