Just seen a mention that the proposed closure of the sorting office in Hampton will go ahead as of March. Off to Ashford to collect your parcels all of you. At 20 mph of course.

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Got a card through the door - unable to deliver as signature required. I am certainly not flogging over to Ashford to collect it.

Interestingly, according to the card, the posting date is 4th, today is the 9th, and they can re-deliver on 11th.

Not impressed! I note that you can drop off UPS parcels in the pet shop, so why not be able to collect from the post office

What is the difference!  I would sooner collect my parcels from the pet shop than the Post Office!  I am impressed that they can re-deliver within 2 days.  Doesn’t make any sense.

I haven't seen my regular postman for a few weeks now and I had to explain on two different occasions that I do not like my post rolled before being put through the door, I have a normal size letter box and this has never happened before.  On the other occasion I spoke to the young girl that delivered my post that I had registered with the Post Office that only mail was to be put through the door, no junk mail, and she looked quite confused.  My regular postman knew about it but it  appears to have got lost between Hampton and Ashford!!!

And the letter the Royal Mail sent to every address in Hampton stated 'your deliveries will be unaffected by this move and you will still see the same personnel on delivery' 

Small Parcel Delivery

What a great service, had an email from the Post Office giving a Tracking Link saying package will be delivered 15.04.19 between 07.44 and 11.44 pretty specific... wow!  Waited but had to go out at 12.15, received a text message at 11.57  saying.... they tried to deliver but there didn't seem to be anyone in....

Going through the process for redelivery is a pain in the ***.  The choice is:- stay in, again, and wait, leave it with a neighbour (not possible), pay a fee and have it delivered to a local Post Office, or I can go and collect tommorrow from Ashford  -  which ever I use it's going to be another 2 days, and it's already taken a week so far.

I can order stuff from China and have it delivered free in 2-3 days but from Norfolk via the Post Office 7-10 days!

So much for moving it to Ashford, thanks Vince, how's everything else going for us that you've meddled with?

Has anyone asked the Postmen what they think about the move?   Quite revealing!

Haven't been able to ask 'my postman' about the move as I have either a young girl and man on different occasions deliver to me.  All these Royal Mail vans around the village, illegally parking just to get the post and the personnel for delivery delivered

Well, didn't see that coming! System doesn't seem to be working smoothly at all eh?! What a crock of absolute ***t!!

Well I am glad they said we wouldn't be affected - I have managed to go a whole 6 days without getting the wrong post put through my door, not the same road or postcode this morning, the other day I had one for Avenue Road a town somewhere in Hampshire. This really is getting beyond a joke now.  Granted the post comes earlier but no good if it's not yours!!!

It may not be anything to do with the move to Ashford, but my mother recieved a letter in Hampton, posted in Sheffield according to the postmark, but it was addressed to Hampton, Melbourne, Australia, with no UK postcode. Duh.

Excuse the pun but can someone 'SORT' it out.  I have phoned and put in my complaint to a very nice lady who appreciated me ringing as the main office doesn't know what's happening unless we tell them. The girl that normally delivers my 'wrong' post showed me yesterday that she had actually read my address and what was going to be put through my front door yet again was for Plevna, a result at least as she didn't post it through mine

So, we won't notice any difference to the service once it's moved to Ashford. Er yes we will. Almost every day, the PO van from Ashford stops outside my house to unload mail for the Postpersons. Some days they don't appear at all , but I can't believe that there is no mail waiting to be delivered. Recently, one small package was delivered to a neighbour which could have been put through my letterbox. And another didn't arrive at all although an email said it had been delivered. 6 days later, it was put through my letter box anonymously. To top it all, some time ago my mother who lives in Thames St, recieved a letter addressed to Thomas St, Hampton, Victoria, Australia. I suspect nothing will improve!

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