Hi folks! Spring is here and we need to get things going!!! We seem to be stranded on 95 members and activity seems a bit low. I think we need a new poster campaign and some activity. Attached is the poster I did last year - how about over the next couple of weeks we all submit some photos of Hampton and come up with a new poster? I am sure there are plenty of people more creative than me!

Once we have some new photos, we can create a new poster and then lets all see if we can get it displayed in as many places as possible. Hopefully, that will attract some new members and encourage the site out of its winter hiberation!!

To add a photo just go click on the Photos button in the middle of the page underneath the Hampton People's Network banner and you will see if it very easy to add your masterpiece. And if you are not a great photographer, I am sure you know someone who is!

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here is last year's poster.
It's got life, hasn't it! Lets see what else comes in and what photos people suggest. We probably need a few sunny days ...
Hi Paul,
You are doing a grand job, well done it's always difficult running a discussion group without it becoming confrontational. On a number of occasions I have been tempted to start a discussion by critisizing our political masters or subjects like the charging for parking in the Royal Parks. Unfortunately, the 'Party faithful' see this as an attack on them personally and respond by becoming abusive. Which was often the case with 'Vox Pop'. I am old enough to know and recent events have proved me right that a very large mumber of MPs are in Parliament not to represent their costituents but to feather their own nests. I do not need people like these to tell me how to live my life. Having said that, I think we are lucky to have Doctor Vincent Cable as our MP. I am not a Lib Dem, in fact I am not anything, but he is a very good honest constituancy MP. Now, who knows have I started a discussion? Regards. Bryan.
I think if there's enough willingness to see both sides, Bryan, then there should be room for a bit of lively debate on the main issues. I think one of the problems with VoxPops was that we, myself included, allowed ourselves to get into entrenched positions. Towards the end some of us did try to encourage a bit of give and take but I'm afraid that some correspondents were just out to make their points and not even consider that there may be an alternative view.

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