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I had a bit of Twitterspondence last week - had I heard that Hampton Station was to be closed for two weeks in July; I hadn't. So I thought I'd find out and according to Paul at the Ticket Office, yes this is happening.

The station will be closed for the LAST TWO WEEKS OF JULY 2016. This is to allow engineering works at the Fulwell tunnel.

A rail replacement service will operate but you may well be advised to consider using Hampton Court rail services.

Or consider booking your holidays!

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WTF?!?! If anyone can find a source for this I would be grateful if they could post it here asap.

(Thanks Gareth.)

Trying to dig around for something official - if I find it, will let you know

If I'm doing my Pollyanna routine, looking for the silver lining around the half full glass then I would say that while a fortnight disruption will be an enormous pain in the tuckus, if it means that we finally get rid of the trains cancelled owing to flooding at Fulwell then it may be a spot of long term gain for short term pain
Matt D said:

WTF?!?! If anyone can find a source for this I would be grateful if they could post it here asap.

(Thanks Gareth.)

I absolutely agree (even if this renders my commute non-viable). If this is the price for flood-proofing mild-downpour-proofing the Fulwell tunnel then sign me up.

I asked the SWT twitter account, and they just pointed to the current maintenance schedule (which currently only goes out to May) and say the information will be posted there when released.

Wow. That'll be fun. 

You'd have thought that SWT would get the official announcement of something like this out much further advance than the notifications of "normal" short-term/weekend engineering works. Perhaps there'll be posters at the station soon.

Clearly all stations beyond the Fulwell Tunnel will be affected so that's a lot of commuters/schoolchildren etc. It is a bit strange that they didn't pick two weeks during the school holidays, rather than overlapping the start of the holiday period. 

South West have posted the following

The Shepperton branch will be closed all days from 16 July until 30 July. This is for a drainage and pump scheme to prevent flooding in Fulwell Tunnel during heavy rain. The opportunity will also be taken to do work on the Feltham area re-signalling scheme.

Trains between London Waterloo and Shepperton will be altered to run between London Waterloo and Twickenham via Wimbledon and Kingston

Replacement bus services will run between Teddington and Shepperton

Other alterations will be made to provide extra services at peak times

Please look for special publicity nearer the time.

Time for a prayer in any or all denominations.  No roadworks please during this closure. No  TW or other utilities digging up the roads in and around HAMPTON Please please please. Do you know of any planned Gareth??

Deep joy...

At least it isn't at the same time as the Hampton Court Flower show 5-10 July, although you could take the view that all of July will be disrupted. With the Thames Water road works now extended until May 30th it highlights the fragility of the transport infrastructure in the area. A new river crossing?

well lets hope they finish on time as the bike race is on the 31st July, so no buses, no trains cars can't get anywhere it will be a nightmare!!!

Twitter user @Jaymin96 posted this picture of the Shepperton line between Fulwell Station and the Wellington Road bridge this morning. These repairs can't come soon enough.

South West Trains have posted some pictures of the Fulwell tunnel works to their Twitter account.

Just travel on the train as I have done a couple of times this week and you will see all the men working, tubes everywhere, and I mean big ones, also they are reinforcing the banks so they do not collapse.  It was from Shepperton to Fulwell so lets hope that it will solve the problem once all the diggers and men have gone. Never seen so many people working.  The only problem is at the moment is that trains are being cancelled (as was the one before mine today) or running late as they were today, only 5 mins, but still made me late and on Tuesday for a hospital appointment was 15 mins late, but at least the trains are back. Asked at the station today whether the strike will involve us next week and was told no, thank goodness as back to Kingston Hospital next Tuesday.  Fingers crossed that they are not running too late

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