This is the third time that the pavement has been dug up in Station Road, water board this time, not sure if it has always been them.  We have traffic lights controlling the road and the bus stop on Avenue Road side has been put out of action.  On the three occasions only once has a temporary bus stop been put there and today unless it's hiding further down the hill, there isn't one again.  I walk in a lot of pain and needed to get down to the Station bus stop.  I was lucky, I chanced my luck just before the green and put my arm out for a 111 and he very kindly stopped.  Can we please have a temp bus stop.  As always no warning, just bollards out last night.  Possibly get it right this time so it doesn't have to be done again.

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Hi Janice. I’ve alerted TFL buses’ Twitter account to see if they can sort something.

Thanks Matt I did see your tweet, appreciated by me and many others - let's hope a bus stop is put outside Curves as it was last time and also the bus stop use to be there

I didn't go out yesterday, and waited for the rain to stop this evening, no bus stop though, saw a 111 sail through not even looking if someone had put their hand out.  Anyone any idea as to how long this is going on for?  Also parking is beyond belief as all Station Road, that can park overnight in the road cannot, so we all have to suffer on side roads

hi  can someone tweet the water board please?  Not a man in sight yet we have traffic lights and less parking and nothing being done

I have just got off the phone 30 mins later and 3 departments.  I still didn't get an answer but the last person who was in the Development Team, apparently water meters being fitted, said their licence runs out today and someone should be coming today to clear up.  He wasn't totally sure except they can be fined if it is not done.  So let's hope it gets moved today and bus stop is reinstated

This was all tidied up this morning, but obviously not great coordination between authorities.

Thanks Matt, from my house I could see the traffic lights had gone and about an hour after my phone call yesterday miraculously men were working there.

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