Station Road/Oldfield Road/Rose Hill/Beards Hill - Parking likely to get worse


I'm not sure if anyone has seen the planning notice by the playground informing us that developers have submitted a planning application to change the building opposite the playground into 8, yes EIGHT flats! 

One parking space per flat...(how many couples have one car?)

Yet another development which will push the parking provision beyond breaking point!

At the moment there are sometimes one or two spaces left in the evening, sometimes none, this development could add 8 residents cars (+visitors) to the road. 

Please if you feel this could effect you or your visitors, please register your objection using the following link:-


This is my response for your info:-

"To the Planning Officer

I strongly object to this development due to the lack of parking to be provided. One space per residential unit is not enough, regardless whether there is a train station close by.

LBR in the last 3 years have approved a number of flats in Station Road, which has pushed parking capacity to breaking point. The residential unit on the corner of The Green and Oldfireld Road has been a disaster in this respect, lots of garages but they are not used (no real surprise) but not only does it add more cars to the street it has also taken away previous kerb side parking spaces.

Realistically most dwellings have two car ownership, if these are not catered for then it will have serious detrimental impact on the residents who have lived here for years. There is rarely a space available now if you arrive home after 7pm, and if we can't park in Rose Hill/Oldfield Road/Beards Hill where are we meant to park? I have a 1 year old baby with another due in March, how is someone like me meant to get two children and the weekly shop to my door? I won't be able to, and that's the impact that this development will have.

Also, is parking provided for the offices? If not, where are the office workers going to park? In Station Road, Oldfield Road or Ormond Drive with the Waitrose workers?

I would fully support this application if a realistic parking allocation were provided.

Is it possible to impose a condition that this development should be a car free development? And if a CPZ were even introduced then residents of this development would be unable to apply for permits?

Just a suggestion, but could the developers make a contribution to widen Oldfield Road between Station Road and the Rose Hill to provide the additional parking space for the vehicles this development would attract?

Please please please do not keep compounding the parking issue. It really has become unbearable due to the amount of residential properties given planning permission in the last few years.

Yours faithfully"

Gareth do you have a view on this (in general terms of the increasing number of flats with little parking provision)


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 Work van + child with car + his and her car, you just missed the "2nd child with work van" !!!!! and all parked in Oldfield Road when we are able! But as a family we would be more than happy to have a CPZ, it's just unfortunate that we live near a station and Richmond council must have a reluctance to impose a CPZ for whatever reason? or they would have done it before now. Murdoch,  I read your letter with interest and of course I'm very sympathetic to the parking plight, even if I am cluttering up the street with 5 vehicles for which I can't apologise. I do think this street is only of interest to the council for the number of dwellings that they can squeeze into it and the residents can just cope with the fall out of whatever happens. Cars are never a necessity as there are plenty of other alternatives, so they then become a lifestyle choice and whether it's for work or pleasure and whether you use them every day or once a month they take up space. I would like to think that my views on the parking situation would make a difference, but I'm afraid that I don't think they will.

A vote on CPZ , as stated before, has been done in this area and it was agreed by the majority 'a no'. 5 vehicles to be parked is a little obscene, so if you would like CPZ, then you obviously can afford to pay the annual fee 5 times over.  It is not one per household to cover all cars, it is one per car, and then what about visitors, once you have used up your 'one free book' you pay for the rest which is a limited amount, a lot of people around here, also stated before, are on pensions.  Is it ok you have Freedom Pass so give up your car? because I for one couldn't afford the annual bill, and, should god forbid, I need someone to help me out in the house, then I would end up paying for that person to park to come into my house


Personally I'm not strongly opposed to residents having one car or five cars, but this would be missing the point.

I'm concerned that the planning department will keep approving applications such as the one highlighted, unless it is brought to their attention that existing local residents are unhappy about the traffic generation that these developments cause. If we all shrug out shoulders and think that the council won't listen then nothing will happen, or to put it another way, maybe they do not realise there is a problem so what's the harm with approving more flats? Unless we the residents inform them then they are never to know are they....

With regard to a CPZ, I've gone on record before and voiced my unease with such a scheme as the commuters are only here during the day, but its the evenings which are just as bad (when we're all home) so what use is a CPZ?

Also, a CPZ works on the basis of one permit per person, which would obviously make parking the work van a little more inconvenient. Also at about £80 thats £320 a year for you guys, a lot of money with no guarantee of a parking space....

Saying that, I might be tempted if residents of station road were excluded from the zone, but realistically that would never happen as they would be up in arms as they would have no where to park.

As I said though, the point is being sidetracked, if you feel there is a parking problem, if you feel more cars competing for spaces would cause you problems, then please voice your opinions to the Council, if they don't know then nothing will change...

All the best



If you want more info on how to respond to any planning application, go here: 

for further information.

If you scroll down the page, there are two documents - one on how to respond to planning applications using material considerations as your main argument, including examples of how to write letters of support and objection, and guidance as to where to find your planning authority's planning policies.

There's also a document on how to develop a Neighbourhood Plan, if people are minded enough to create the organisation necessary to compile one.

They were written mainly for rural parish councils, but I see no reason why the info they contain shouldn't be adapted and used by a community such as Hampton.

If the development is controversial enough, you should be able to ask your councillor to "call in" the application, so that it is decided by a committee of councillors, rather than the delegated authority of a planning officer, but I'm not sure if LB Richmond has this system

Hope this helps,


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