We keep hearing a steam train whistle from the tracks this morning!

Anyone know anything...Richard?

Or have we finally lost it...

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Its probably coming from the Kempton Steam Railway which is in the grounds of the Kempton Steam Museum - kemptonsteam.org. They are open today and tomorrow.  My family have visited there several times and it is well worth having a look.  Apart from the railway, there are two engines inside the massive engine room (similar to the ones on the Titanic) and one is amazingly still in working order and operating this weekend. 

Not really Joanna.

The steam loco for the Transport Gala is still down on the Bluebell Railway.

Helen's probably right - Kempton Steam Railway. By the way, they'll be at the Transport Gala on 7th September. We're going to put a piece of track down at Alderson's Garage with a truck.

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