I always wondered what the strange siren was I heard every now and then - it sounded so antiquated that I assumed it had no function and was at a loss to think what it was. Well, I found at by chance via http://www.hampton-online.co.uk. It sounds every Tuesday morning at 9am and is a test of the Chlorine warning siren at Hampton Water Works.

Substantial quantities of Chlorine are stored underground at Hampton and in case of an accident or terrorist incident local people are advised to take precautionary action. Chlorine is a highly poisonous gas which is heavier than air. In the unlikely event of their being an escape it will be blown with the wind and remain low to the ground. If the siren sounds at any time other than 9am on Tuesday it will indicate an emergency situation. So now you know!

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Yes I heard it. Gave me a slight panic too, still good to know that some people are aware of what the noise means and can raise the alarm with those who don't!

Teresa said:

Did anyone hear the siren yesterday afternoon, only a short one, but had me worried.

I have lived in Hampton for nearly 20 year, so have known about this for a long time.

I am sure I heard it not on a Tuesday a couple of weeks ago too.

Afternoon all,

I heard it this week in the afternoon too. One wonders why we are not informed for out of the usual days/times? 

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