Strange property corner of Dean and Buckingham Road

The construction of the property has now taken shape.  Am I right in thinking this is one of those shipping container homes?  It`s with Hamptons International but does not show up on their website. 

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I'm not sure how much they want for that odd looking place in Dean
Road, but if I had a spare £5,750,000.00 ..I dream of this one ....

I like the blue room in that place but I would rather go back home to Devon and buy this

I don't know how on earth they got the go ahead to build something so out of character with the surrounding houses of the area, its a real eye sore! I personally have not spoken to one person who likes it yet. Its a bit like the building that was put up on the corner of Acacia road and Hanworth road.

Yes, it is an eyesore.  It looks suspiciously like they have incorporated the two portacabins/containers that were on the site originally.  The people who built it were very careful to hide it away behind the fence and if I walked past when the fence door was open, it was closed pretty quickly before I was able to look inside.  I wonder why it isn`t on Hamptons website?

No Health and Safety on the site when it was being built. I wonder who passed the plans?

I think the high wooden fence doesn't help. I thought the original plans stated there would be foliage along the boundary, which would be much "softer" and provide a better view of the building whilst retaining some privacy. Can't allow much light into the "garden" space either.

well, at least it is not boringly conventional :-)

Just picking myself up off the floor, wow, that's hell of a price for a house in a road where Zoopla averages house prices between £350,000 and £420,000!

If it sells for this price, would that exponentially increase the value of all the others around it? Yippee for me!
Not entirely sure it would be my first choice of location if I had that money to invest. Schools on all sides but not really designed for people with children...and there's never any parking. Doesn't look like it includes a garage or drive.
Sadly its awful !!! My opinion ofcourse!
To ask that amount of money for that property is delusional !

Wow. Those photos are a triumph of the estate agent's art. Placing the camera in the extreme corner of the room to make each space look as large as possible etc. Anyone who's walked past the house can see that the rooms and the "garden" cannot be anywhere near as spacious as those pictures seem to show.

You are correct, Sarah, no off street parking. I recall it was a "feature" of the plans, and in any case the gate would open out onto the adjacent zebra crossing, and be extremely close to the junction.

Although there does appear to be a vehicle inspection pit in the garden...

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