I received a letter today inviting me to join "Streetlife" Has anyone else had this letter? It seems to be the same as Hampton online.

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I had a quick Google. It is a privately-funded company that has developed a platform for local online communities and seems to have a genuine belief in the value and importance of online communities. They are in the growth-phase at the moment (i.e. I assume they currently make a loss) and they do say that they will never charge users and only generate revenue from local businesses. 

Thanks. Don't think I will bother.

Yes, I joined it when I got the letter quite some time ago (more than a year).  I find it really useful.  I have had recommendations from it, have offloaded some things that I no longer had use for and it`s good for just asking a question about something that I am curious about.  As this is such a populated area, there is plenty of activity on there and you won`t be stuck for replies if you post a question.

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