Does anyone know of a swimming pool in this area that doesn't lane off.  I need to build up my muscles and need to swim widths.  Having been a life guard on two occasions the last being when in my 40's I find it disturbing that no 'big pools' allow you to just swim a width.  Several years ago I went to Hampton pool and new the manager then Dan, and when I was struggling out of my depth in 'a lane' I lost my nerve.  I asked 'why can't I just swim a width?' answer was 'swim half way and back'. Not a good answer when one is out of their depth and panicking, I struggled back. Surely when teaching a child to swim the first thing they do is swim a width.  Why can't I? who needs it for medical reasons.  Any help would be appreciated.

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When I learnt to swim - about five years ago I used virgin active sunbury for lessons.. the pool was one depth all along it so wherever I was I only had to put my feet down and water wouldn't come above chest height.. their pool was half the size of the others in the area.

I think they are now Nuffield Health(?)

Might be worth downloading a free day pass from their website and having a look?

Thank you, I can swim I just need to build up muscles.  I will investigate

It's a bit of a trek, but the Fountain Brentford, at Kew bridge, is four feet deep all the way. Also Putney is l-shaped and they used to do lanes in one leg leaving the other open for widths, but I've not been there for a long time.
Or the holiday Inn at shepperton (down the lane next to the swan sanctuary this side of the Walton bridge roundabout) has a half size pool and they do memberships for local people, I can't remember how deep it is and it gets busy at the weekend with guests but it's good weekday mornings.

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