I noticed the tweet revealing that the cause of the large volume of traffic on Station Road and Plevna Road was due to a burst water main and the need for temporary traffic lights.

Why was this not highlighted earlier when the traffic started to build up on Station Road?  How long are Hampton residents going to be affected by this - or have the workmen completed the work and we are back to 'normal' again?  

Grateful if we could be in the 'know' so that we can rearrange our commitments accordingly and allow extra travel time.

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I suspect you are talking about the chaos last week, according to a policeman at the junction with Percy Road it was because of a very serious incident between a vehicle and a lady on a bicycle, near the junction with Plevna Road, the road was closed by them, I was also told it was being treated as a crime scene.  There had also been a bad accident at Sunbury Cross around the same time.

It was on the radio.

I heard it was an accident and road works on the A308, it's not just the water works, which as usual are in Station Road at the moment, although on the pavement and not the road

I wonder if we could have an update on Thames waterworks. It seems Percy road is to be closed all week....is that all of it or just some part. On top of that the level crossing is undergoing work yet again. Can't think why since SW trains semm to cancel so often. Also we are having pavement upgrades which we have been waiting for, however not much sign of work today or indeed normai 8am- 5pm during weekdays. Doesnt anyone in our borough communicate with each other?? Trapped again.  Some idea of bus rerouting would be helpful too. Lord help us if Kempton park has its way!!!

There's another thread started on this Steph.  Would appear that the road works are from A308 to the level crossing

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