What a relief, Thames Water are digging up the roads again, I was missing them!

I went to Kingston today and their work, by the entrance to Bushy Park, was a joy to behold and true to form, massive tail backs from Hampton, Scilly Isles and Kingston and they didn't disappoint, not a workman in sight, only wasted an hour and a half.

It's also good to read, they're working in Oldfield Road from the 2nd March and the warnings have been issued by LBRUT forbidding parking there and access into Percy Road.

I do hope our Council hasn't had the foresight or common sense to impose time or work conditions on TW, it would be a shame for us to miss out and not experience the full benefit!

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Further to the above, they've moved from there down near Garrick's Villa, Saturday afternoon at a standstill, it's TW at their best.  3 in orange overalls sitting in a van whilst their traffic lights are all on RED, bit like me!.

I thought I would share Thames Water's sense of humour with you.

2.00 - 4.00pm today one bloke there sitting in his truck!

Great traffic queue though.

Nice of them to obstruct the pavement too......

I have read tweets, some say 28th Feb to finish and others say 2nd March. Would be nice to know, as we had the upheaval last week, over half term as always, by Bushy Park Gates and now we are back to where they always dig up, down by the river. The amount of days they have dug this up, over the years, they should have just shut the road and renewed all. Rumour has it we are going to have to pay £25  on our Council Tax Bill to help pay for new super sewers, yet we pay TW and have all this bother, hardly seems fair

I note that the yellow box junction at lower/upper Sunbury Road made over £500,000 in fines last year - it must be making a fortune this week.
Am reliably informed the roadworks have finished.

Well no traffic jam this evening although the buses are running (well the 111) along four at a time, so hope they know.  Good it's something we can do without

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