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Not sure if everyone in Hampton received letters through their door or whether the mail was very local to the Thames Street area.  The letters detail a license application for the Bell Inn which in effect wants it to become a nightclub of sorts.  I've copied the planning application below:

To permit live music, recorded music, provision of facilities for dancing and the sale of alcohol on the ground floor and first floor Sunday to Wednesday 10.00 – 00.00 and Thursday - Saturday 10.00 – 02.00
To permit late night refreshment on the ground floor Sunday to Wednesday 23:00 and 00.30 and Thursday to Saturday 23.00 – 02.30
An additional 30 minutes of drinking up time on top of the last permitted sale of alcohol each for each day of the week.
For all of the above from the start fo permitted hours New Years Eve until the end of hours New Years Day

As a nearby resident to The Bell Inn I shall certainly be objecting to this application.  I wanted to let everyone know that the last date for objection to this application is on 1st March 2010.  Please do object if you do not want drinking and dancing until 3:00am  Thursday to Saturday!

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Hello Jay

I'm sure John and I are just pleased that they're being read! I think the framers will be OK, you know. It's not one of those businesses that will rely on passing trade. If you look at the non-food businesses that survive in Hampton they're 'destination' shops. Carpets, Bikes, Photographic and Reprographic, Estate Agents, florists. I think if there's enough word of mouth the framers should do OK, particularly if they can get some business from the photo people next door
Don't mention 'Niche Market', Jay. At least two sleeves and part of the collar of the Roberts' Shirt was resting on that donkey in Saturday's Grand National.

Still, if one's looking for a bit of local augury in the results of that race it was pleasing to see Arbor Supreme unseat his rider at the 15th!

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