Hello Everybody, The 'Old Moaner' is back again. I have always received excellent treatment when attending Kingston Hospital and have many times written to the CEO conveying my thanks to those who treated me. A few days ago my wife Sue was removing a metal staple from some papers, the staple stuck in the side of her thumb nail. She bathed it in TCP and applied Germolene. However, the wound would not heal, turned septic and became unbeleivable painful. Today she managed to get an appointment with our GP. He said he was unable to treat Sue's thumb as it needed 'Cauterizing' and he could not do that at the Surgery. We were referred to A&E at Kingston Hospital. We travelled there by train. After a three hour wait we were finally seen, only to be told they could not treat a septic thumb, that Sue should return (suffering) to our GP and get him to refer her to a Hand Plastic Surgeon. Has anybody heard of a University Hospital who could not treat a septic thumb? As a child during the War I broke my leg, on another occasion I cut my leg very badly. Thank the lord, Doctor Woodriff was there to set my leg and stitch up the gash. That's it, now off my chest !!! Good night. Bryan. PS I will keep you posted on the thumb !!!

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Does sound pretty awful, Bryan. I hope your wife gets better soon - as for the NHS that might take rather longer :-)


My wife is still suffering severe pain and her thumb is getting progressively worse. Yesterday she went to our local chemist to purchase some Magnesium Sulphate to try and treat her thumb herself. The chemist told her that she must get her thumb treated. Susan replied. " My Doctor and Kingston Hospital can not treat it, where should I go too?

I have now copied my post to Ms Kate Grimes C.E.O. at Kingston Hospital and Doctor Vince Cable MP for Twickenham.


Sorry to hear about your wife's experience. You may also want to contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) at Kingston Hospital (http://www.kingstonhospital.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/patient-advice...). They can give advice on what to do if you feel you aren't receiving the service you need, and may even be able to approach relevant people on your behalf. 

During frequent visits to hospital (although not Kingston) both my parents have had cause to use the services of PALS local to them, and they have been very helpful on several occasions.

Thank you Clive for your help in this matter. I can report progress at last. This morning Susan returned to our GP's practice and saw our regular GP, she prescribed antibiotics and if there is no improvement by Monday she has arranged an appointment at Teddington Hospital for minor surgery. I know I make mountains out of molehills, but at my age I can be excused !!! I still cannot get over, turning up at a big hospital like Kingston, being lead into a cubical and then told there is nothing we can do about that, she then called her colleague (I don't think they were Doctors) who peered at Susan's thumb, shook his head and said you need a plastic surgeon. He should have said "Fall out on the right don't salute and go away" ( or words to that effect !!!) It was only a septic thumb. Bryan. 

That really is incredible. Your GP should have directed you straight to Teddington Memorial in the first place. It doesn't sound like a full A&E treatment was required and that is the whole point of the hospital in Teddington. Honestly, GPs and the '111' NHS phone line are the first to tell you to go to A&E for even minor things, and then they wonder why it is so full!

Let's hope she gets better after Monday.

When I have rung 111 on two occasions the first port of call was Teddington, and although a long wait on one occasion, the  second I walked away from and told them I was going and they said ring in about 3 hours, which I did, and still a 5 hour wait.  I waited 24 hours and then saw my GP the following day and got what I needed. 

Thanks to A&E at Kingston, having been sent there by my GP, they picked up a heart complaint, that was back in 2003, they have so far looked after  me.  Although on a totally different incident, not A&E, I wrote a letter of complaint to Kingston about what had happened on that occasion and I must admit although I wouldn't go through the procedure again there, they did follow up and actually invited me to go along to the department.

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