Yesterday I was walking to the Station and noticed THREE signs being put up (yes on their property) along side of the bridge in The Dip, nothing could be read from a distance.  On coming home I went to cross the road from The Dip to the other side and realised I could not see the brow of the bridge, so hence could not see any oncoming traffic.  Not only are these signs causing a problem they look unsightly.

I have no objection to the Landlord trying to get more trade but surely ONE sign is enough and not blocking the way (sight wise) of pedestrians 

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I have also seen these signs and I'm not sure what is wrong?  Perhaps you may feel there is only a need for one sign - but perhaps many others are happy to let a great local business advertise what they have on offer. 

The Dip is a great local pub - the landlord/lady works extremely hard to create a welcoming and convivial atmosphere.  I have been to The Dip recently on a regular basis as I have been doing business planning with my partners.  What a great place to walk in to from 6pm onwards.  The Dip is the very definition of 'your local'. 

In terms of the signs blocking the pedestrians line of sight - can't say for sure, but I can say with some confidence this issue is the least of the problems at this junction!!! You take your life in to your hands trying to cross the street because of the all the cars cutting the corner to go over the bridge to get to the Village side of the rail bridge. 


You seem to imply that I have something against The Dip, which I don't as I have also used it.  I was saying how I could not see the brow of the hill and if there was one sign then possibly I could

I totally agree with you that you take your life into your own hands when crossing at the junction, hence having to step out onto the road to see if anything is coming over the bridge is another hazard, surely that is obvious

I saw the three signs today and honestly cannot see a problem.The signs in my opinion dont obscure the brow of the bridge.

Sorry I am 5'6" - not really short - but I had to step out into the road to see the brow of the hill.  I assume that you were walking.  In my car there isn't a problem

Have you spoken to the landlord? Probably the best / quickest / easiest way to resolve the issue.

Unless he logs on here, which he may not.

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