Hello Everybody,

As things are a bit quiet, can anybody help me. I don't want to waste my vote, but I am now having some difficulty finding a party to vote for. I have listerned to so much 'Clap Trap' my head is spinning. I simply cannot forget the expenses scandal. Gordon Brown and his cronies have given me thirteen years of unmitigated disaster. Remember, education, education, education, tough on crime and the causes of crime. No more boom and bust, a none existant immigration policy and last but not least 'If you don't like work, the tax payers will keep you.

Now I come to Dave (No tie) Cameron. It is my experience that the Conservatives have never had a lot of time for 'Coal face workers'. When I was working for the Royal Parks, Mrs Thatcher trumpeted that she was going to slash the Civil Service. Everyone applauded, at last these tea swilling bureaucrats would get their comeuppance. Instead they sacked all the toilet attendants and the men who kept the Gate areas nice and clean. Then finally all the Industrial Staff were made redundant in favour of Contractors. It was also a Conservative Council who made all the 'In house' care workers redundant in favour of Contractors. I see Dave would give a free vote on killing animals for fun. I would never vote for anybody who enjoys doing this. I very much like Vince Cable, but his boss has given me a problem. Amnesty for immigrants who have broken the law and will then be able to take full advantage of the UKs generous benifit system? before Gareth rushes to his defence, anybody who enters any country illegally breaks the law. To hear Nick Clegg talk, all these people are law abiding citizens who want to come to this Country and contribute to the British way of life. I am not too sure about that, Maybe the majority do, but I doubt it. Unfortunately, In my working life I met more than my fair share of criminals who come from abroad. We are told there are a million uninsured cars on our roads. Many times we stopped people who had come to this promised land, who thought it was alright to buy a car at the auction and drive it. There was no need to have a driving licence, register the car or insure it. At least that did away with speeding and parking fines. When I retired I worked on security in the West End, we were plagued with gangs of pick pockets, none ever spoke English. Not to mention the fitting of false fronts on the cash machine. Oh I nearly forgot claiming benifit for dead parents and none existent children. Have you noticed the people who praise immigration are always the people who are least affected by it. Well, I feel better now I have got that off my chest. Are my politics right of Genghis Khan?? Hope to see you at the Polling Station. Regards. Bryan

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At the risk of being a walking cliche, Thomas, a week is a long time in politics. I won't consider you a lost cause until 10.01pm on May 6th.

As John will tell you, there's no subsitute for getting out there on the doorstep and putting your point across. The limitation of the written word is that there's no immediate chance for clarification in the case of a misapprehension about a policy issue.

So you never know, if we get the chance to revisit Percy Road before Thursday, and there's a very good chance we will as I think we've just about covered every street in the ward (give or take a handful), you may find yourself thinking 'Hang On a moment' if you find me on your doorstep.

As I said at the beginning - a week is a long time in politics!
Not at all Bryan. This is a genuine concern for many people. I would, of course, urge you to vote Lib Dem as while you may not agree with this policy (and it's one which isn't only supported by the Lib Dems as Boris Johnson also thinks there's some merit in it) I would say that in Twickenham you have the opportunity to vote for the man, not the party. I think that most people will agree that Vince Cable is an excellent local MP. Certainly I've lost count of the number of people who have told me on the doorstep that Vince gets things done for local people "He's helped me with this, he's helped me with that, he got involved on behalf of XYZ'. If I had a pound for each one I'd be a rich man. Then you have to consider the local causes he supports and the work he does in an around the constituency. Expensesgate - well Vince came out of that pretty much untouched as far as I can see.

So if, as you say, you very much like Vince Cable I'd suggest voting for him simply because he has proved himself to be a good, hardworking constituency MP.
Hi Gareth,
Thank you for your e-mail.I do wish more of our group would become involved. I am the eternal floating voter, for the simple reason none of the main political parties, once in power ever do that which they say they will do when on my doorstep. I feel sorry for Gordon Brown, nobody should have a private conversation broadcast. But it did show that whilst immigration is of concern to most of us, all parties either shy away from it, or try to sell it to us. Nobody knows how many illegal immigrants reside here. An amnesty would give them full British citizenship with all rights including child benifit and all other benefits, can we afford this?. I must confess, I like our MPs, am not affected by immigration. I don't live in Peterborough, I have a house to live in, my children were lucky enough to go to schools of their choosing and I am not on a hospital waiting list. I ask, when will uncontrolled immigration stop? I do not want to see the UK covered in concrete, I do not want to see big houses replaced with blocks of flats. I think we have enough cars on our roads. Boris Johnson and Nick Clegg, with their privileged background have no idea how the other half live. Perhaps they would like a ghetto in their street? I very much doubt it. I remember when I was working, I was informed that one of my sergeants had joined the National Front Party. This was very much frowned upon. I had him in for a chat and asked him why he had joined the NF. He replied "If I lived where you do, I would not have joined. But if you lived where I do, you also would join" What could I say? I have said all along the people who promote uncontrolled immigration are always the people who are least affected by it. These sentiments were recently echoed on the Sunday morning program 'The Big Question' A lady stood up and said it is easy for us to discuss this, as none of us live in 'Run down' areas. I am not a 'Bigot' I recently holidayed in the Dominican Republic. Out in the country the girls start having children at twelve years old, in their life time they can have any number between ten and fifteen. I would love to bring them all here for a better life. Unfortunately, this country is not big enough and we cannot afford to keep them. I shall now climb down from my soap box as I have to cook my wife's dinner!!! Yours aye. Bryan.
I watched the leaders debate yesterday and I thought all three of them were pretty awful. The whole thing was amazingly similar to the mock elections you sometimes have in schools. They all fell over backwards to agree with and flatter the "real" person asking the question and desperately tried to list all the goodies that they would hand out if they were elected. Where was the person of principle or the person of vision? Where was the person ready to tell the public that they had got it wrong and try to convince them to see things in a different way? I was left with no confidence in any of them as leaders. A sad day.
Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the vote of confidence, you're in good company and there are only 200+ votes in it in Hampton.

Rather than go off into a long explanation not relevant to each reader, seem too boring, if anyone would like to ask me any questions on Conservative national or local policies, I will be happy to answer their questions, but please send me a message as I may not be logging in very frequently between now and May 7th.

John Soones
Hi John,
The Saturday before last, I drove over Richmond Bridge. On the left over the bridge there were hundreds of people enjoying the river and the lovely riverside, which is how it should be. I think there was an event taking place. For many years I was a member of Twickenham Rowing Club, which is on Eel Pie Island. By contrast, since the swimming pool closed down, over twenty years ago Twickenham riverside has become a dingy car park, with little public space.The reason for this is, successive Councils have tried to promote unpopular development of the riverside, rather than what the people of Twickenham want. I bet if a referendum was held and there was one question, 'What would you like on your riverside?' at the very bottom of the list would be luxury flats. Oh I nearly forgot the 'Red Herring' and the River Centre, (What ever that is). I would prefer a branch of Marks and Spencers (Which was regected for this site). At least then the people of Twickenham would have had some use of the riverside and not just a few well healed flat owners. If you were elected what would your party do with Twickenham riverside? Regards. Bryan.
My question, John, would be one about both local and national policy. Two for the price of one, there's value for money for you!

The Conservative's national policy on education is in favour of both the Swedish model of education and of academies (Googling Michael Gove Sweden brings up plenty of evidence to support this), yet here in Hampton, where we are about to have an academy which favours the Swedish educational method, I read comments in recent Conservative election literature describing the process as 'Handing over local schools to foreign profit making companies' - or words to that effect. And this has been a recurring theme from Cllr Marlow (Local conservative education spokesman) and Cllr Samuel in a series of letters to the local press and Hampton Online articles since the process started.

Surely the two stances can't be compatible?
Hi Gareth,
Good to meet you the other evening and good luck tomorrow. I for one am pleased to see that not everybody is convinced that these Swedish Academys are the finest thing since 'sliced bread' and Oh, if all Politicians and Councillors expressed their own opinions instead of always following the 'Party line', what a wonderful world this would be !!! As a Secondary Modern school boy without a single GCSE or O Level to my name. (Having said that, the old Rectory Farm School taught me carpentry and gardening which has helped me all my life. The girls were taught how to cook and needlework, I am sure these skills have helped them all their lives). I am not qualified to have an opinion on local education policy. However, last month I retired from the Hampton Society Committee having served for fifteen years. On that committee were a number of high powered academics who had spent a life time in education. None of them were convinced that these Swedish Academys were all they were purported to be. For the sake of Hampton's children, let us hope they are wrong and the Politicians and Councillors are right. Yours aye. Bryan
Hi Everybody,

I see I cannot spell 'Academies'. That is my 1947 Secondary Modern education, I can hang a door and lay a lawn, but I can't spell !!! Bryan
Thanks for your good wishes Bryan. I wouldn't worry too much about the spelling, if a leaflet from another party standing in Hampton is anything to go by Geography isn't a strong subject these days as it claims all their candidates were 'Local Residents'. I suppose for two of them who live over in Teddington they may consider themselves as being 'local' but it's something of a stretch!

What was nice to see was that the old lesson in copying a text in best handwriting was being observed because so many of the policies which we in Hampton Lib Dems (ALL Hampton Residents, by the way, not just 'local') have been espousing for such a long time were copied out beautifully; curtailing the spy car, rezoning the station, supporting small businesses with our short stay bays and free parking throughout Hampton. Nice to see that party backing us 100%.

But enough partisan pleasantries; To those of you about to go to the polls, I salute you! Good Luck.

By the way, just while we wait for the Conservative vision for the riverside, take a look at these pictures. I think it would compare favourably with the Richmond scene you describe

What I can't show you are the affordable housing across the borough which the site would also generate capital to fund nor can I show you the 0 pence that it will all cost the taxpayer.
OK Gareth,

I shall now vote for Hampton people and not the Party. Likewise, good luck to you and John. Regards. Bryan
Thanks for your support, Bryan. Voting has been brisk this morning - looks like we're heading for an exciting one!

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