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As things are a bit quiet, can anybody help me. I don't want to waste my vote, but I am now having some difficulty finding a party to vote for. I have listerned to so much 'Clap Trap' my head is spinning. I simply cannot forget the expenses scandal. Gordon Brown and his cronies have given me thirteen years of unmitigated disaster. Remember, education, education, education, tough on crime and the causes of crime. No more boom and bust, a none existant immigration policy and last but not least 'If you don't like work, the tax payers will keep you.

Now I come to Dave (No tie) Cameron. It is my experience that the Conservatives have never had a lot of time for 'Coal face workers'. When I was working for the Royal Parks, Mrs Thatcher trumpeted that she was going to slash the Civil Service. Everyone applauded, at last these tea swilling bureaucrats would get their comeuppance. Instead they sacked all the toilet attendants and the men who kept the Gate areas nice and clean. Then finally all the Industrial Staff were made redundant in favour of Contractors. It was also a Conservative Council who made all the 'In house' care workers redundant in favour of Contractors. I see Dave would give a free vote on killing animals for fun. I would never vote for anybody who enjoys doing this. I very much like Vince Cable, but his boss has given me a problem. Amnesty for immigrants who have broken the law and will then be able to take full advantage of the UKs generous benifit system? before Gareth rushes to his defence, anybody who enters any country illegally breaks the law. To hear Nick Clegg talk, all these people are law abiding citizens who want to come to this Country and contribute to the British way of life. I am not too sure about that, Maybe the majority do, but I doubt it. Unfortunately, In my working life I met more than my fair share of criminals who come from abroad. We are told there are a million uninsured cars on our roads. Many times we stopped people who had come to this promised land, who thought it was alright to buy a car at the auction and drive it. There was no need to have a driving licence, register the car or insure it. At least that did away with speeding and parking fines. When I retired I worked on security in the West End, we were plagued with gangs of pick pockets, none ever spoke English. Not to mention the fitting of false fronts on the cash machine. Oh I nearly forgot claiming benifit for dead parents and none existent children. Have you noticed the people who praise immigration are always the people who are least affected by it. Well, I feel better now I have got that off my chest. Are my politics right of Genghis Khan?? Hope to see you at the Polling Station. Regards. Bryan

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Not at all Thomas, they're intended to be affordable within line of properties in Hampton. Sorry I didn't get to canvass you, next time perhaps.

Thanks for you good wishes


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