Ho hum ... time to lock the door, close the curtains, turn the lights off and sit in the back room hoping no trick or treating comes my way.  This loathsome import from the US is, in my humble opinion, not needed, not understood by many, especially older, people and not welcome.  Happy to see kids having fancy dress parties and maybe trick or treating with a few friendly neighbours who have been briefed (and maybe bribed with treats to hand out?) but no cold calls on strangers' doors please.

Scary or what!? Then again its a good excuse to go and hide with the other demons down the local pub for the evening.

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Well, the pumpkins seem to help :-) I think most of the trick or treaters focus on houses that have left a pumpkin outside to signal that they are happy to play the game.

Halloween was started by the celts, some think a religious festival. It was taken to US by people from this country, and then it grew (wasn't around when I was a child and I am not that old, but a pensioner lol) and hey ho it was back here. Not so scary, yes I took my grandson along to a neighbour whom I knew would do something, I had a few on my door step, but once the bewitching hour of 8pm came, when all young children should be in bed, I turned off hall lights (I didn't have a pumpkin which lets them know you are open for business) and after that peace.  The link tells the history.  Are you old enough to remember 'penny for the guy'? I use to do that you never see it now a days, it's harmless fun, albeit annoying if you haven't any sweets to give.



I do not object to people celebrating with costumes, pumpkins, lanterns, bonfires etc. I DO object to trick or treating ... cold calling which I find annoying and intrusive. I had most lights off and no pumpkin on my doorstep yet received two knocks on my door in the space of half an hour before I decided to go out for the rest of the evening to avoid any more. I did not respond to these calls but still don't feel comfortable with them (whether there were any more or not during the evening I dont know).

I do remember penny for the guy and didn't much care for that either but at least it was a more passive and less aggresive form of begging.

Trick or Treat?  The trick usually being a threat to perform mischief on homeowners or their property - Call me old fashioned - but in my eyes that's nothing short of extorsion!

Penny for the Guy isn't anything to do with Halloween, the only similarity being chancers asking / expecting money or treats...To my limited knowledge I understood it to be an English Catholic group that failed to assasinate Protestant King James 1, with Guy Fawkes getting caught guarding the gunpowder hidden under the House of Lords etc....hence Gunpowder plot, Bonfire night, 5th November etc...

History lesson over - Enjoy the weekend everyone - Bang! Bang!





Why doesn't everyone lghten up, it is a bit of harmless fun, the words 'trick or treat 'yes are mentioned, but even when I asked one lot that knocked on my door if they were from my street and they said no.  I merely said I was saving the sweets for the children of my road, a few moans, nothing serious and they went away.  If you do not agree then just don't open the door, I live on my own and do this in good faith, unless you give the children of today some credibility they will certainly be the horrors of tomorrow.

I don't consider glass jars thrown at front doors leaving the path covered in tomato sauce & eggs thrown at windows to be harmless fun (as described in previous posts). Let alone scaring the living daylights out of some folk.

I would not tar all children with the same brush but halloween does seem to give a free licence for menace - under the guise of fun.....

If they want a reward they would be better off offering to sweep leaves, clean cars, odd jobs etc...anyway I digress.  As you can tell I'm not a fan of October 31st!



As we didn't appear to have any trouble at my part of Hampton, I cannot imagine what you went through.  I do not agree with those that actually use it as an excuse to just vandilise, I live off Station Road, maybe we should pin point the areas that had the trouble and get it sorted for next year

Funny how times change...I remember being a teenager and going carol singing in herds just to get money!

Can anyone tell me who actually had tricks played on them or any vandalism done in Hampton this year? I'm not talking about the tiny ones collecting sweeties, but the eggs, flour and damage brigade. I was rather impressed with the behaviour this year and thought it had all gone rather smoothly. I did have a crowd of teens who jumped into the community centre garden and danced to our band rehearsal music. They asked to come in and rap through the microphones, but did not behave badly when I said no. Were all the louts congregating somewhere other than near me?

None down this end of Hampton, I have more trouble with vandals and what they do over the cars in the streets off Station Road, on normal weekends.

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