As far as crimes go it was hardly worthy of description as 'The Crime of The Century' but would you credit it that on Thursday somebody had it on their toes with every single piece of my recycling receptacles.  Blue Box, Black Box, Green Box, Kitchen Caddy; the whole shooting match. I popped it all out for emptying (we're not overly profligate with the food waste, by the way, that was a fortnight's worth - hence both pieces being out for emptying) and when I came to take them back in they were gone. Filched leaving ne'er a wrack behind.


The silver lining of course is that a quick phonecall to the relevant Council department on Thursday PM found me the proud possessor of a new set on Friday morning. At least it saved me a rather stinky job with the pressure washer!

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yes. someone took our blue box a little while ago. Must do as you did and ring to get a replacement.

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