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The old Motivity site. Corner of Percy Rd / Oldfield Rd.

Have seen quite a lot of activity going on in recent days. Exterior wall knocked down, skip in place and looks like a brand new blue roller shutter installed. Everything seems to be happening  here at the moment. Has anybody any feedback?

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Has it something to do with Hampton Supermarket.

Planning Officers and Planning Enforcement Officers are aware.

These buildings in the forties used to be a very productive timber works. Making doors and window frames etc. People would get their fire wood from there. Yet more usless information from my good self !!! Regards. Bryan.

My husband asked the owner of Hampton Supermarket directly, after having seen him in the building opposite with the blue sutter. His reply was "it was nothing to do with him and was a double glazing factory"!!!! Mysterious!

Hmmm...so the owner doesn't know what's happening to his own building...really!

I am very intrigued as to what Hampton Supermarket plan to do with this - anyone any info?

This is now fast becoming "Skip Corner!"  There are currently one very overloaded skip and a new one arrived today which is  already half full.  Interesting!

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