Quite a few people recently got messages from Dolly - I was not one of the "lucky" ones, but if you did get one, I am sorry. She was a spammer and since becoming a member of this site is (deliberately) relatively easy, we will inevitably get spammers from time to time. In this case Jay picked up on her existence pretty quickly and deleted her profile (or both her profiles since I understand she joined twice). If you do get any messages (or see any posts) that look like spam, just send a message to me or Jay and we will get rid of the spammer as quickly as possible. 

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Recieved this on 20/05 am sure it's a spammer


Hello dear
My Name is doris i went to your profile today at hamptonpn.ning.com.and i love it i think we can from there click through my email address thus;(dorisdavid90@yaho...
Hi Geoff,

I too recieved this e-mail. For the past few days I have been trying to work out who the hell is Doris. I have never known a Doris. The mystery is solved. Thanks. Regards. Bryan.

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