When I was a younger man I would think little of going without sleep for 30 hours but now I'm starting to go for the 'distinguished grey around the temples' look (George Clooney does very well out of it!) I was concerned that I might not have lasted the pace since being up well before the lark on Thursday morning to kick off the final day's campaigning.



Fortunately the groundwork put in over weeks, months and even years leading up to the big day by all three Lib Dem candidates - responding to concerns of residents, knocking on doors, discussing issues on the doorstep, delivering untold numbers of leaflets (Don't worry, they've stopped for a while........well, assuming we don't go to the country again in just a few months' time), writing letters to the papers, corresponding on websites such as this and Hampton Online and just generally being a visible presence in and around the village - has all paid off.


When the votes were counted Janet Langhorne, Suzette Nicholson and myself were all declared the winners in Hampton Ward.


I'm sure I speak for Janet and Suzette when I say how much we all appreciate the confidence you have shown in choosing us as your ward councillors. It was a long campaign and one made all the more enjoyable by the spirited campaign conducted by the Conservatives. I think it was entirely fitting that of the three Conservative Candidates it was John who polled the highest number of votes and is testament to the hard work that he did in getting out and about within the ward and working with residents about issues which concerned them.


We now have four years to work on your behalf. We hope to more than repay the trust you have shown us in choosing the Lib Dems candidates as your ward councillors.


Thank you all.

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Many thanks, Gareth, for the update and congratulations to you, Suzette and Janet. Now you just have to put the world to rights :-)
Well done, Gareth. Hope you can still find time to support Paul's site.


Thank you, Trevor. No, I won't be a stranger
Thank you Thomas, but no one should think I am downhearted. I am jubilant that the council is now Conservative and that I played a significant part in helping to achieve that. My involvement went far further than the borders of Hampton.

Some residents I spoke to today, were not sure if the Council was still Lib Dem. The Council is Conservative and your local Lib Dem councillors are now in the minority,

A majority of the people in the council chamber are my friends and I will always be able to approach them to discuss our local issues. Ironically, I will find it easier to get things done now, than over the past two years!

I will continue to be deeply involved in local issues and will continue to fight for what the residents and businesses of Hampton ask for. Don't think I will let my Conservative friends have an easy time of it, if they ever fail to listen to the people of Hampton. I will be shouting in their ears for you.

I know what the Conservative council will be doing shortly and they will be making good on one of their significant pledges very early in their administration.

John Soones
Ormond Crescent

Thank you for recognising the hard work I put in and I know you worked as hard, because we kept coming across each other in various parts of the ward. Some nights, we had to adapt our plan because you'd only just knocked on the doors.

Who knows, wearing out another pair of shoes or Gordon Brown calling a snap election, may have made a difference, but it is what it is and I'm satisfied I did everything I could have done to win. Had I done anything less, I would be beating myself up now, but I'm not and life goes on.

When we all got to the "the count", it was a relief. It was palpable that although the long night was tense and exciting, "the spirit of competition" was gone and we had an interesting a chat about the funny and sad things we'd come across during the campaign. I forgot to tell you where the house is with the sign, "the dog can make it to the gate in 2.4 seconds - do you feel lucky!", but I'm sure you must have seen it too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole campaign, which started for me in Feb 2009 with the Hampton Improvement Proposal. I have the taste for this so "I'll be back".

Over the past 16 months, residents have made many suggestion how things could be improved for them. Some were unrealistic, while others would improve the facilities for hardly any money. The kids in some areas have very little to do, so it's no surprise that there is anti-social behaviour and petty crime.

Let's have a beer and share some ideas.

Well done for winning but I promise to help make sure you do a good job for the residents of Hampton.

John Soones J.P.
Ormond Crescent
Very nicely said, John. You and Gareth are in danger of giving politicians a good name!
Well only a week ago we were being told 'Vote Yellow - Get Brown'.

The one fact on which most people are agreed is that you vote Vince, you get Vince and that seemed to be an incredibly attractive message on the doorstep given that his majority went from 9,965 to 12,140 and his share of the vote increased to 54.4%

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