The wooden shelter near the bus stop - has the bench been changed?

My husband and I remarked that the bench in shelter where John has been staying has been switched so that there is an arm rest to make two seats so effectively he can't lie down in the evening.  Is this something that has happened recently or have we just noticed.  Either way, fairly cynical way of dealing with this issue.  

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A lot of people are up in arms about this issue and have tried to get various people to do something about it, but as far as I know no success so far.

Is there anyway a petition could be pulled together? Paul do you know of any online forum or group correspondence with our MP that people can join to help get John's situation sorted out? It seems inbelievable that his situation unresolved.

 I think the main issue here is that John is unwilling to take any offered shelter. The council and I believe the homeless charity Spear have visited John a few times to offer him a place to sleep but he has declined. Perhaps changing the seat is a way of giving him a nudge in the right direction. John clearly cannot be living in a bus shelter forever. His physical and mental health must be deteriorating day by day, so if it pushes him to move to a place which is more comfortable  combined with the offer of counselling, surely this is the right way forward for him?  

The bench was built into the bus stop and was removed and not replaced. I think someone has given him the replacement. It is a bus shelter by definition. He is not waiting for a bus, refuses help and should be moved on.

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