I was intrigued by a comment made in the Bell Licensing thread that I thought might be worthy of further discussion


"There isn't enough for young people to do in Hampton and that's something that has been neglected by the Council"


I'd be interested to know what others think about this? I was under the impression that there was quite a lot going on, whether council sponsored or as the work of various voluntary and private groups such the scouts, the canoe club, etc. Certainly in terms of council involvement there's the Hampton Youth Project up in Tangley Park - £60,000 for a new youth/cyber cafe, for example, along with first class music facilities there - and when attending the presentations from Kunskapsskolan I certainly got the impression that the new Academy will be concentrating hard on the extra-curricular activities that they have to offer.


Take into account all of the above and the £1 million youth capital fund project along with the an annual investment of £250,000 since 2007/08 and an Oftsed report which has found the integrated youth support work to be good in all areas with some outstanding features I'd say that 'neglect' might be a bit of a tough assessment (particularly as we were third from the bottom of the league tables in 2006 and now we're up there at the higher ends of the London average!)


However, enough of the sales pitch! As we're approaching May 2010 and at least three of your candidates for election in Hampton are posters on this site (both main parties represented), why not tell us what you want to see doing for young people in Hampton specifically?  Under normal circumstances we've all tried to steer clear of the party political but as threads have been a bit sparse in recent weeks perhaps discussion about issues such as these without the knockabout might provide a bit of a shot in the arm?

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