Traffic Chaos Returns to Hampton Court Road Due To Even More Roadworks! LBRut?

I sincerely hope that LBRut are closely monitoring progress of the roadworks near Garrick's Villa on Hampton Court Road.

Thousands upon thousands of people will experience delays, especially those who rely on public transport.

No doubt members of the public will report any evidence of workmen being absent from this site during normal working hours. Or indeed anything else that suggests that the maintenance work is not performed in an efficient manner.

Excessive journey times and delays should be reported here and to LBRuT.

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Station Road has been blocked for two hours, the traffic jam going as far as the Post Office it's now 7.45 pm and the rush hour traffic should have gone by now

This really has to stop.  7pm went for a walk, a joke, I have COPD and it's affecting me.  The cars off Station Road belt down Avenue Road, no point your can only come out at Plevna because of no entry sign down to the river road.  Come on Garreth it you can't stop the dam water works at least put up no through road.  It will end up killing me, Green Richmond, in your dreams

Well ok have posted somewhere else, tonight is the first time I have had to use my blue inhaler for about 2 years.  Had it under control with the other stuff I take, not tonight, too many fumes, thanks Thames Water

It took us over 1 hour to get to Esher yesterday - River Road, blocked; Lower Sunbury Road, blocked - we turned around and had to get on to the M25 via the A3 to get to Esher!  How can this happen!

Have they finished?  No traffic jam in Station Road tonight.  They might give a start date, how about an end date

According to the signage end date is supposed to be Sunday 3rd June,

Janice Merritt said:

Have they finished?  No traffic jam in Station Road tonight.  They might give a start date, how about an end date

Oh ok when I saw the signage saying when it would start there was no end date, obviously nobody in the right minds would have gone along the road if not a necessity so who would have seen the end date.  Thank you though.  Although someone told me today it was suppose to be next Tuesday.  I think clearer notices would have been better to local residents ie something through the door, we pay enough water rates to warrant notification

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