I thought I did this yesterday, please excuse if it comes up twice.

We all knew about the trains being disrupted.  I made hospital appointments around this date.  One urgent one cropped up, which I made later in the day to enable me to get two buses to Kingston Hospital.  I thought that was a good idea when to my horror I found out this week that the buses are not calling in at the bus station, where I wanted to get second bus.  More hassle as I don't know where the other bus stops are and my walking is very painful.  Why couldn't the powers that be work together?  They must have known that people would have to swop to buses because of the trains.

To cap it all they have cut out the bus stop at the top of Avenue Road, you either have to go down to the river stop or the station.  No temporary stop. I did tell Tfl but nothing has happened.  This makes it very hard for people that have trouble walking or in fact people that don't , as they will probably be carrying shopping.

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