‘Trolleybus 50’

Hampton and Hampton Hill were the last two 'villages' to be served by Trolleybus. London's very last Trolleybus was a 604 which departed Wimbledon Station at 23;46 on Tuesday 8th May 1962 for Hampton Court and was then extended to Fulwell Depot via Hampton Church Street, High Street, Hampton Hill High Street and on into Wellington Road and Fulwell Depot. It left Hampton Hill High Street just after 01:00 on Wednesday 9th May. L3 class Trolleybus 1521 was driven by Albert West with conductor Ronald Gadsby.

(Above: 1521 passes Prospect Cottages, Hampton Hill High Street in the early hours of Wednesday 9th May 1962. Copyright Hampton Hill Resident Tony Hancke)

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Trolleybus era and subject to funding and sponsorship, we are planning an Open Day at Fulwell Garage on Saturday 12th May 2012. Together with London United Busways, the London Transport Museum and the London Bus Museum at Brooklands, we are hoping to get together a display including the two preserved London Trolleybuses along with other classic London Buses and service vehicles. We are also hoping to run a collector’s fair on the same day.


We are re-making the classic 1931 film ‘Twickenham to Teddington by Trolleybus’ which Jason posted last April. This is being shot from an open top bus and will feature one of TfL’s latest buses.

This will be a completely not-for-profit event with the proceeds going to support The League of Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital and Hampton Hill based charity SOS!SEN/All4Kids which supports parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs. A 16 page souvenir programme has been designed.

I have contacted the local schools to see if they would like to get involved. Please let me know if you have any ideas of how we can get local children on board.

Meanwhile another local trolleybus film which may be of interest - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxsSerSBZq8  - pre Highway Code!

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Do just look at Trolleybuses, ride on former London Trolleybuses! Full details will appear on www.eatm.org.uk

with up to 7 in service 6/7th May 2012

including London's Last Trolleybus 1521

Dear All,

please i find this event very interesting been very interested in trolleybuses in general,

please could anyone send me any flyers for the event or even  a programme, living so far away it might not be able to attend,

Thanking you


Dear Andrew,

If you can let me have your address I will happily post a flyer to you. Souvenir Programmes will be available by post from Monday 2nd April, details in the flyer. www.trolleybus50.co.uk

Andrew sutton said:

Dear All,

please i find this event very interesting been very interested in trolleybuses in general,

please could anyone send me any flyers for the event or even  a programme, living so far away it might not be able to attend,

Thanking you


Many Thanks Richard for your kind help iam most Grateful

i have sent you a friend request on the website ,i will send you a private message with my address details e.t.c

Thanking you very much

Kind Regards


This is fantastic, In the forties and fifties, all Hampton folk and me were regular travellers on the Trolley Buses. The 667 ran from Hammersmith to Hampton Court via Hamton Hill and Hampton Church. The 604 ran from Hampton Court to, I think, Tolworth via Kingston. The big roundabout at Hampton Court was to allow the Trolley Buses to turn around with their overhead wires. The 216 was always crowded, but you could usually get on a Trolley Bus. When the Hampton Court Fair was in full swing, just after the War. There was always extra Trolley Buses.The queues would stretch from the roundabout back to Bushy Park, but people always got home. My late brother, a Hampton Grammer schoolboy, having completed his National Service in the Royal Navy was determined not to go back to office work. He became a bus conductor at Fulwell Depot. He absolutely hated it, he said it was the worst job in the world, anybody could undertake. The conductor had to suffer all the abuse, when the bus was late, as well as having to run up and down the stairs all day. He retired a Chief Inspector in the Metroplitan Police, here at Hampton. He never complained about the police !!!Yours aye. Bryan.

I thought that the destination and blinds might be of interest. These are from the post war phase and were carried on the 'Diddlers' which were withdrawn in 1952 to be replaced by Q1s. These in turn were sold to Santander in Spain after London Transport's decision to phase out Trolleybuses by May 1962. Older L3s were drafted in for the final year of operation. L3 1521 worked the very last trip, a 604 departing Wimbledon Town Hall at 11.46pm for Hampton Court and then on through Hampton Village, Hampton Hill High Street and onto Fulwell Depot where it arrived just after 1am on Wednesday 9th May 1962. The poster shows it passing Barclays in Hampton Hill High Street at about 1am.

At peak time 604s ran every 4 minutes and 667s every 5 minutes.

1521 will be back at the Open Day at Fulwell on 12th May, along with 'Diddler' A1 and Q1 1868, which had all been based at Fulwell. They are being towed down from the East Anglia Transport Museum on Friday 11th May. I'm hoping to route the convoy via the A3, Hampton Court, Hampton Hill High Street and on to Fulwell. TV coverage is likely.

The tows have been sponsored by London United Busways and the Friends of The London Transport Museum.

Pictures and blinds copyright David Bradley and Tony Bilton



Very interesting picture of the destination blind,

the phone number is very interesting Abbey 1234 for 55 broadway, i understand it changed at some point to 5600 if iam correct ,just been watching youtube which has interesting footage from the first day of operation in 1931,

also driver training film showing fulwell depot ,a great film this,not much traffic on the roads not like today!

Yes, ABBey 1234 was phased out in 1966 as part of the change over to all number dialling.

Thanks Richard Nice to know the change over date,

Abbey 1234 still looked nice on trolleybus blinds ,even the later number looked nice abbey 5600

better than the 01 number that appeared on later R.M Blinds,i don't know what number Buses are showing today,

a great period telephone number abbey 1234 one enthusiasts will always remember

Thank you Richard,

Great to see the finished video

on youtube this is very Good ,so glad this has been done for the trolleybus 50

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