Unauthorised Moorings - Slumboats - High Cost For Taxpayers - Repeated Trespassing !!

The slumboats have returned to the Hampton area from Hampton Court.

This must be costing the taxpayer a huge amount of money to repeatedly deal with their trespassing and many other issues.

We need to get rid of these once and for all.

It seems that The Environment Agency are not equipped to deal with this effectively despite very clear laws on this matter. 

Here is their comment from 2015!!!! But still, they return!

Comment on behalf of the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency:

Our Waterways Enforcement team is dealing with this issue. In this instance we suspect that the owner of the houseboat is committing a number of offences. The Environment Agency is the registered owner of the river bed in this location. We have already served a total of three enforcement notices against the houseboat for mooring over our river bed adjacent to two unauthorised mooring piles. We have also served an enforcement notice for the unauthorised mooring piles and for not having a 2015 boat licence to keep the houseboat on the River Thames. The owner has now registered the boat for 2015.
The owner has so far failed to comply with our instructions to remove the houseboat from Hurst Park so we will start possession proceedings using civil procedures for trespass offences at the beginning of September. We have recently successfully prosecuted the owner of four unregistered boats also illegally moored at Hurst Park. The owner has now moved the four boats, sold three of them and registered the one they live on for 2015. Therefore we are confident that by using civil procedures we will resolve the issue of the illegally moored houseboat also.
The craft is now registered for 2015 as a houseboat with no fitted engine or diesel/petrol tanks. We will check the owner's 2015 registration application to ensure they have made the correct declaration of fitted appliances onboard. In the meantime we welcome any witness statements of pollution incients from the houseboat.

On behalf of Paul Leinster, Chief Exec, Environment Agency

See this link to the Friends of Hurst Park website

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Surely there are grounds for a custodial sentence for repeatedly committing the same offences?

I've witnessed growing frustration with local residents & businesses. 

WHY is this person allowed to continually antagonise local residents an businesses?

This has been taking place for many years and at a high financial cost.

Now is the time to find a permanent solution, this is already escalating within the local community. 

Peter Szanto, county councillor for East Molesey and Esher, said: “I'm appalled by the boat owner's blatant disregard of his legal responsibilities, the distress he causes to local residents and the costs he imposes on the relevant authorities to move him each time.”

He has been up before the Beak a few times now.

Hopefully they'll take all his charges and convictions into consideration soon?

There are two boats moored up!!!!

Sorry that wasn't the boat I thought it was, I was referring to the two, in a much worse state, by the slipway down stream of Garricks Ait.  The one you were referring to looked as though it was on the move this afternoon whilst I was sitting by the river but it just moved up a couple of lengths

I am very concerned at the desecration of the river, both by the big slumboats and by the squatters opposite Aquarius Sailing Club. I am looking to get actively involved and welcome contact and input from anybody who shares my concerns at what is being done to our precious river.

David Garrett

Sunbury Court Island


Oh so they are further up river as well, on what side of the river?

Yes, I'm afraid so - see attached

If I've double-sent it please accept my apologies - computer chose an awkward moment to crash!


I think that's awful, and I hope others are reading this.  I don't think there is a lot we can do if Elmbridge Council are not joining in.  I know we have fought (well people on the Middlesex side) to get rid of them and have things in place which Elmbridge don't seem to have, you can count me in for help if you wish

Janice, thanks, I'm very happy to count you in! - watch this space and I'll keep you posted via this thread

The level of frustration is growing day by day. It's only a matter of time before this explodes.

Surely The Environment Agency & Elmbridge Borough Council can do something!!!

The vessels have now been in place for several months.

I would assume that repeat offending will lead to a custodial sentence. The cost to the authorities is very high each time they deal with this issue, we need a permanent solution. The vessels should be removed and destroyed, just as they do with cars. The cost should be recovered from the criminals in addition to the relevant sentencing at court.

Why are these people allowed to continue?

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