I'm looking for any recommendations for a good vet in Hampton area for my cats if anyone can help.


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Janys - we have always been very happy with the service at the Sherwood Veterinary in Hanworth Road - http://sherwoodvets.co.uk/

Same here.  I have always been very happy with Sherwood and there is never a problem in getting an appointment when you want one.

Hello Janys

We've been happy using Willett House Vets in Priory Road whenever we've needed the cat looking at and would happily recommend them

I'd also add that they're a member of the Village Traders' Association and have in the past few years been the sponsor of the main tree by the scout hut, so they have a good connection with Hampton. And there's that whole argument that we're lucky to have so many good traders in Hampton and that we'd risk losing them if we don't support them+

Yeah Sherwoods are fab! Not personally a fan of Willetts. Uuuumm oh and Vets for Life in Teddington are so excellent and don't make you feel guilty for not having the added extra things that vets always try to sell you either and don't try to bolster up the price for this and that.http://www.vet4life.co.uk/

Thanks for all your recommendations. I have been to Willet House and now cat is in their Staines branch where they seem to be doing a good job tending to her renal failure. Not cheap I might add but thank goodness for pet insurance. 

Twickenham Vets on Hampton Road near Twickenham Green is great. The vets are lovely and treat my cats as if they were their own. It's a bit further to travel but well worth it. Not a fan of Sherwoods. Hope your cat feels better soon.

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