Linden Hall, a community centre for the over 60's desperately needs volunteers.  Only the odd hour on a regular basis to help in different ways. Help serve teas, calling bingo and other activities.  If anyone can help it would really be appreciated.  Linden Hall is fighting to stay open and we need all the help we can get.  If you feel you could give any time at all please call Donna Miles on 020 8941 2373.  Please mention that you read about it here. Also please go and look at the website as we have several events coming up and need your support. Thank you

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I would be happy to help here and there, in perhaps maintenance and upkeep of Linden Hall if you think that would be of any help? Perhaps just making sure all the locks work correctly, any repair of locks, doors, light plumbing etc.

Due to work commitments I couldn't help in other ways such as events etc as I am always being called out for jobs or training locksmiths, but I hope I can help in some way?

Thank you Jason, could you please ring Donna Miles on  020 8941 2373, and tell her about the help you could give and giving her your contact details, much appreciated

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