Has anyone else heard the waitrose rumour. I have heard it from two seperate sources and it looks likely that it is going to open in that large retail space opposite the station..

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wow. that sounds interesting! A fairly surprising development I would think, but presumably it would be good news. What do other people think?
Heard the same today funny enough from a local resident, so must be something in it? That's something we really do not need in Hampton!
I don't think it's good news at all Paul, especially for Hampton Village convenience stores? I looked into the possibilty of leasing one of the units they originally planned for a Locksmith & Security shop, but the estimated rates were way OTT!
As much as I love Waitrose, I am concerned for small independants. (I suppose at least its better than a KFC!) 
Noted ;)

There are sundry planning applications online for Station Road, I'm not sure what the numbers are for the site opposite the station though.


How on earth would something like a Waitrose attract enough custom without attached parking? There may be some space in the front of the site for a few parking bays but there would then be the associated hassle of stopping commuters using them (not more clampers, please!). I can't see how it would work.

There's also the problem with loading space which any supermarket would require simply to service the store. There have been rumours flying round about supermarket interest in Hampton for many years, usually the main threat is Tesco.


I also wonder whether Waitrose would bother with somewhere so relatively small as Hampton and in such a relatively small retail site. I know there were plans announced in 2009 for Waitrose to start rolling out a new fleet of convenience style stores (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8273506.stm) but these are supposed to be for people who have 'no access' to a Waitrose store. With branches in Kingston and Twickenham I don't think we count.

Somebody told me it was going to be a Tesco Express! There doesn't seem to be enough room for storage or delivery so not sure how either Waitrose or Tesco would be viable there.
I heard yet another rumour today from a neighbour who was told by a surveyor that Waitrose was trying to get in.. Much as I LOVE the shop, I do not want to see it in this road, taking away custom from all the lovely shops that we have in the village. There has been so much effort recently put in to making more of Hampton with the traders' association, new shops etc and this would totally alter the feel of the place. Presumably planning permission is required for which residents will be consulted...well some of them anyway?...

HI Amanda


Lovely to meet you last night.  I am not that au fait with planning laws but if it was the site near the station for example which is being marketed as for A2 retail use then I don't believe it would go to planning.  Planning is usually only required if the useage of a building is being changed e.g. from a pub to a KFC or if the building itself if being altered. Like yourself I love Waitrose but  I too fear the damage to our independent traders is more important.. A bit of a worry that we are getting more and more reports of this rumour. Hope you have an Archer's filled weekends and I don't mean the Schapps in case anyone else is reading this post!

Well it is a kind of change of use. From memory there was a Crystal Shop there before!  I will indeed make every effort to rouse myself after a cheese and wine tasting on Saturday evening up the road, in order to listen to the Archer's omnibus on Sunday morning. Maybe I should start a Hampton Local Network Archers group...
The Crystal shop is now Plenty's

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