Has anyone else heard the waitrose rumour. I have heard it from two seperate sources and it looks likely that it is going to open in that large retail space opposite the station..

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I agree with Chris 100% who put:-


"As a resident I think it’s great that Waitrose is considering coming to our village, I can understand a little of the uncertainty from a few people but I don’t actually think it will work out badly for the good independent shops. I would bet that the majority of people that shop at the butchers for example do so because they believe they are getting a better cut of meat from a butcher that knows them personally before jumping in a car to do the rest of the weekly shop at Sainsbury’s. Steadman’s is another example, my wife loves Waitrose, as do I, but that certainly won’t stop her going in there as it always has a knack selling the little bits and pieces you think its going to be awkward to find. It’s great that we have these shops in the village and as long they continue doing what they are doing I don’t see why another supermarket will have a baring on their takings. The shops that will be affected are the one’s that don’t care about there products or produce and have little customer service, by having a Waitrose in the village it will breathe new life into Hampton and may even bring in new shops or restaurants that will then view it as a desirable location. If Jayne is correct and Waitrose fails in its application, the juggernaut of Tesco could be next to roll in to Hampton and I wonder how many people who are objecting to this would then be kicking themselves."


I would also add that I currently use Ocado (Waitrose home delivery), however I still like to do my Saturday walk picking up my meat from Sean's and my bread from the bakers. I will still carry on doing that as you can't beat a butchers for meat (over a supermarket) and you cant beat a bakers (over a supermarket). I'll be astonished if I’m on my own on that one.


For me, it gives a choice.


I do also believe that a Waitrose will add some additional class to the area, which in the medium/long term could well benefit everyone (residents and traders alike).


I work for a transport planning consultancy, and my initial thoughts are that a mini-roundabout will be virtually essential at the junction of Oldfield Road and Percy Road, to maintain flow from both arms of Oldfield Road. I will do some tests tomorrow to see if I can confirm.


p.s I can't attend the meeting, but I am all for it (subject to junction arrangement at Percy Road....)

Hi Murdoch


Excellent feedback - and very interesting about your thoughts about a mini-roundabout.


Best Wishes



waitrose would be good for hampton, i am a bit worried about extra traffic, we have lived on the oldfield estate since it was built in 1976, and have seen some very drastic changes with traffic, i am not saying not in my backyard, but a solution.

Unfortunately I can't make the meeting tonight but just wanted to add that we're in favour of Waitrose coming to Hampton. It would certainly save us driving to M&S at the BP Kempton Park/Teddington or Sunbury when we want to buy some food that isn't available in Hampton. 

Hopefully it would encourage more shops and businesses to open in Hampton and those that are already established will need to innovate to stay ahead of the game, it's a tough climate out there and you need to be creative to survive.  

I would like to see the parking restrictions relaxed so that we can all visit the local Hampton shops more easily. Hampton Hill High Street is always bustling with shoppers and I'm sure that's helped by the free on-street parking after 9.30am. But please don't introduce any ridiculous 20 or 30 minute bays on Station Road, just a sensible solution to discourage the commuters from parking their cars close to all the shops, medical centre, hairdressers, banks etc - Hampton's a thriving village all week, which a lot of people don't see if they're working elsewhere Monday-Friday.

I don't think there's an issue with Hampton Junior school children walking down Oldfield Road to their sports field - the children are always escorted by several adults and often walk to Hampton Pool, Bushy Park and Hampton Court Palace and encounter far more treacherous junctions than Oldfield Road. 

I look forward to hearing the outcome of tonight's meeting! 


Waitrose, I'm sure will only be positive news for the area. What concerns me more, as I run a small business in Hampton, is the cost of running a business. As you note, rents make it prohibitive, let alone the rates. That's where action is needed to encourage more local businesses.
Petra, Who is your reply aimed at exactly?
Petra, I stand by everything I have written. What 'awful accusation' am I making? And proof of what exaactly?

This is a discussion about the quaility of shops in our area. I have just commented on what I have seen and experienced. Both are true facts witnessed by others; I resent the subtle accusation of lying.

Another poster proir to your rant has confirmed the lack of hygiene regarding sneezing. Others have mentioned out of date products in other shops. Why isolate my comments? I hope the manager of the shop you scuttled to is reviewing their Health & Safety procedures.

Thank you Thomas. Bit of a sidewinder that one! :)

I said - Petra, Who is your reply aimed at exactly?

And you said and I quote...

"To yourself Debi. Unless you have proof then it is an awful accusation to make towards someones business especially on a site that is particulary aimed at the area they work in."

Here comes the back-tracking...

"I meant that to all the comments which raised the issues about hygiene that were unfounded.."

You have fanned the embers and now we have flames. Well. Done. Enough.


I agree Petra, this forum is not the place to aim these type of comments aimed at specific local business's. Any complaints should be made directly to them and not broadcast on here. I am sure anyway that with enough 'observation' that the same could be said for any of the more well known supermarkets, and what some of their staff may get up to?

Of course the forum is a place to air opinion, concern and ideas, but not to be in any way malicious? If it were I would be slating off my competition left right and center!

I couldnt make the meeting due to family commitments. This is a tough one, really cant make my mind up whether its a good thing or a bad thing.

I do not want to see local business suffer due to a chain supermarket being built. On the other hand, I would hope that the customers that we currently have will stick with us. I see Hampton Supermaket may suffer the most as they will be directly opposite Waitrose.

I work with my dad in Stedmans which is in Station Approach so I do not feel a direct threat. I do not want to see our regulars walk a little bit further to go to Waitrose and would like to remind the people of Hampton that we are a small family run business, been going for around 30 years now. We are well known for offering our customers free local delivery - bet Waitrose dont offer that service!!!!!!!!!!!

We have also become well known for our competitive prices, we always do our best to keep our customers happy. I'm sure with the recent budget smokers in particular will agree with this statement :)

I am not so sure about a mini roundabout though. These little painted circles in the road are known to cause alot of accidents and given the size of percy/oldfield road I DO NOT see this as being a good thing at all!

A customer who came into our shop this morning made a valid point that Waitrose would be a better shop to have compared with sainsbury, tesco or aldi who are well known for low low prices! and I certainly dont want to see a fast food restaurany nearby!

So, thats me done and what will be will be. But, wouldnt it be great for this building to be turned into a youth centre, offering a wide range of activities and days out? Wouldnt have so much of the loitering outside because the kids are just simply 'bored'

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