Has anyone else heard the waitrose rumour. I have heard it from two seperate sources and it looks likely that it is going to open in that large retail space opposite the station..

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And that is the point - if Waitrose comes in we are changing the nature of our village forever ... we are letting a big supermarket chain in and (traffic madness aside) that will change things. I moved to Hampton because it is quiet, has a villagey atmosphere, and not much happens here - friends always comment on how lovely it is to see a High Street where there are small traders and it's not dominated by big chains. If I want to shop in a supermarket, the Sainsbury's on Nurserylands is fine - why is everyone so fixated on Waitrose? They are a big supermarket chain and they exist to make a profit. That's the bottom line. There are no different from any other supermarket chain. They are not ethical - don't be fooled. And if you want to shop there - there are Waitroses in Kingston, Twickenham and Esher - quite enough for this area!!  I personally like Lidl - would people feel the same way if it was Lidl wanting to move in?? ;)))

"why is everyone so fixated on Waitrose?"

I would say because 'Waitrose' is seen and believed to be a better 'class' of supermarket. This of course only for the better 'class' of Hampton resident perhaps?


As I said at the start of this discussion I don't think any main stream supermarket on our door steps will do the village any good at all. Who cares if it adds an extra few pound to house prices, if it means then the demise of the village itself. Could even things up a little?

you right there Jason  They all think waitrose  comes to Hampton so they become posher .

i moved to Hampton 35 years ago, then it was semi-rural villagey, but now along Oldfield Road, i cannot get out of the road in the morning, for fear of cars and lorries coming and parked cars on both sides.

I have read this thread with interest and attended the public meeting.  I have thus far resisted being defensive but now feel I really must say something in defence of one small independent trader in Hampton, namely The Cheese and Wine Company (and yes, I am the owner of that business).

It seems that many people are quick to criticise the independent traders on a variety of fronts without even checking their facts and I have to say it is really starting to grate.

I was open all day Bank Holiday Monday and was selling freshly baked artisan bread all day.  I am at a total loss to understand why some residents of Hampton feel the need to travel to Waitrose Kingston to buy fresh bread when it is available in the village.

Since  opening in December, I have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement of the people of Hampton Village and have tried my hardest to respond by providing a service and product range to meet the needs of the community.  To list but a few....  

  • We open until at least 1800 and until 2100 on Thursdays and Fridays.  
  • We deliver at almost anytime in the local area
  • We supply ice cold wine delivered to home for parties
  • We have free tastings and samplings very regularly
  • We stock cheeses to order for individual customer requests
  • We have supported virtually every school in the area in their fundraising efforts
I really don't want to sound like sour grapes but will some of you please check your facts and maybe even try your local shops before putting finger to keyboard and criticising your local traders.......
I would also like to add that I am in favour of Waitrose coming to Hampton. I feel it will bring a range of benefits to the village and welcome it.
I think certain people have an idealistic view that Hampton is a quaint little village – we moved here 6 years ago as it seemed to have a very nice feel about the place but we also thought that it had the potential to be so much better. People are worrying that a new supermarket will have a knock on to local businesses and leave empty shops but are there shops closing now without the threat of a new supermarket. A better ‘class’ of supermarket, as someone else put will attract more shops like the new Cheese and Wine Company which might in turn make Hampton ‘Village’ the place that warrants the village tag. I come from the West Country where villages really are villages devoid of trading and industrial estates, Hampton is a lovely suburb on the outskirts of London but it has a population that I’m sure far exceeds many small towns. Regardless of how Hampton was many years ago the fact is being on the edge of London it was always going to change, shouldn’t we be grateful that with the arrival of the Cheese and Wine company and the proposed arrival of Waitrose we are seeing it change and move in the right direction instead of the other way.

I would also think about the negative aspects of Waitrose or anyone for that matter coming in if they were going to be right in the middle of where the majority of the current shops are, or if they were going to build on a area of land that would take away the quality of life we currently have. They are not doing this however; they are applying to take on an existing vacant building that could remain vacant for a few years to come on the outskirts of the ‘village’ yes there may be a few issues with increased traffic but I’m sure with some consultation between them and the council (opening up the other end of Oldfield road for industrial traffic being one idea touted) things can be improved.

Ironically the opposite is true. Our local shops would benefit more if the proposed new Waitrose was smack in the middle. This was pointed out to us at the last consultation meeting. A lady at the meeting had sourced some useful statistics which suggested that shops in very close proximity to new Waitrose stores had an uplift in trade whereas those beyond about 500 metres away saw a decline in business.


I can understand why this is the case. I believe there are some businesses that will benefit from the Waitrose on the proposed site, eg Hampton Tandoori (for example I can envisage someone ordering a takeaway while they go and do their shopping). However I think that most of our local shops are just that bit too far away from the Field House site to benefit from any potential sales uplift due being in close proximity to a Waitrose.


i agree with some of your points, hampton ceased to be a "village" long ago, when people stopped getting their living from the land that surrounded it, now we are non stop houses in any direction you go, even the county that it was in has all but gone Middlesex,  there is a need for a supermarket in this area and all the people that feel they will be affected by the increase in traffic are then near enough to walk to it, instead of causing traffic in any other area but not your own, NIMBYS is what they are called. sadly the lorries have to come in from that end,as there is a low bridge the other end of Oldfield Road i live on one of the roads that end and it is blocked allmost daily by lorries that have to turn around because their sat nav took them to that end, i agree to useing a building that is empty anyway,and by the way it is not in the "village"it is on an industrial site

Hi Chris


This access road in Oldfield Road is, in my opinion, going to be the real key to this whole issue. The last time the council looked at this it was turned down owing to the the issue of cost. That was before Thames Water offered to gift the land which, you'll appreciate, was almost certainly the main cost factor.


It was mentioned at the meeting (by John, I seem to recall) that given that Waitrose are spending over a million on the site that they may be unwilling to dig too far, if at all, into their corporate pockets to fund a new access road which is fair comment; but they may be willing to put in some funding.


What is important is that now this issue of traffic and congestion around the Oldfield Road/Percy Road/Station Road junction is becoming far more high profile and the more people who know about it, the more people we have who can come together to put pressure on the council to see that something is done about it. It could be a long fight and I'm not promising instant solutions but together we can hopefully achieve something and build upon the hardwork which the residents of Oldfield Road have been doing for some years now.




But most of the shops we are talking about are within 500 meters, even the ones at the far end of Station Road have got to be very close to that. The Cheese and Wine Company that’s pretty much bang on 500 meters away will more than hold its own against a supermarket whoever they are, and I don't really see waitrose providing direct competition to a proper florist, hairdressers, cafes, Boutique clothes shops or estate agents....



Have I got this right? You're accusing anyone who lives near the site who has 'issues' with the development as a NIMBY? Are you saying there isn't going to be an increase in traffic and general increase in day to day disruption that there currently is?

News for you James, it has nothing to do with being a NIMBY. Have you ever tried turning right out of Oldfield Road (The Green end) at any time of the day, let alone peak hours? No? I have to do this every day as I live down there, and I can tell you its tricky. Increasing the trips to this development from approx 500-1000 per day and it'll make things a dam site worse. Assuming 70% of the traffic is coming from the direction of the crossing, then thats about 700 vehicles that will have to wait and turn right into the development side of Oldfield Road, imagine trying to turn right out of the other side of Oldfield Road whilst there is a queue of cars waiting in Percy Road?


But I'm not allowed these concerns as I live right next to it. Is that right? What a joke.


Gareth, on the whole i'm for this development, my concerns are the safety at that junction due to the increase in use (i'm not concerned about the deliveries as its a small store, but more to the point theres an industrial estate at the other end anyway!).


Parking is my other concern. If staff occupy spaces within the car park then the car park may run at full capacity for periods of the day, causing customers to park in the side streets (mine for example). We are close to the limit as it is down my end of the road. If staff are not allowed to park in the car park, then they'll park in the side streets instead..........see where i'm going with this? It appears that this could put additional pressure on the immediate local residents (or NIMBYS according to James).


My last concern is again linked to highways. How will the increase in pedestrian traffic from Staion Road accross Percy Road be dealt with? Its not a safe place to cross at the moment, let alone when there is an increase in vehicular traffic AND pedestrian traffic in the same area. I know this sounds alarmist, but it really will be an accident waiting to happen.


All the best




p.s Is today the 'open' day at Field House? If so I best get myself along

p.s.s When is the closing date for objections/comments


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