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I've been asked to draw your attention to a planning application for the far bank of the Thames over at Hurst Park

Although it's not in Richmond you are still entitled to have your say on the application as Hampton could be materially affected in terms of the development

Go online here http://emaps.elmbridge.gov.uk/ebc_planning.aspx?requesttype=parsete...'2016/2760'&history=5690ac34411345d29147fcdd053c202d&appno:PARAM=2016/2760&address:PARAM=Hurst Park Open Space Sadlers Ride West Molesey Surrey&easting:PARAM=514014&northing:PARAM=169257

and have your say


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If this development goes ahead it will be a hub for splash activities in the river from groups from all over the country. This has never happened before. It is right opposite St Alban's riverside which we recently managed to get cleared of the tramp boats. It will unquestionably affect Hampton Village Conservation area. There are details on the friendsofhurstpark.org.uk website and Gareth didn't say but Richmond Council have given it a planning number too which is 16/3703/CON


Details are on www.friendsofhurstpark.org.uk

The Elmbridge planning page is here

The Richmond Planning page is here

The location is here

Apart from changing the view slightly, how does this affect Hampton? Genuine question, not picking a fight.

Residents on Taggs Island are, I believe, in LBRuT; their postal addresses are listed as TW postcodes so they should object via the Richmond planning portal - and indeed are.

I understand the building is for the use of the Molesey Jaguar Sea Scouts, who were apparently evicted from their previous location back in the 1990s to allow for gravel extraction. Clearly a Sea Scout group should have a water-side facility, but surely there are other non-green-field sites along the Thames that could be developed to suit? Hampton Riveria perhaps...

Seems a strange place to site a building in any case; it's on a flood plain that was completely submerged only a few years ago, and in a green space where any further development will have an impact on wildlife. Some of those registering objections have stated that there are covenants that protect Hurst Park from further development; if this is true then it's surprising that the plans have got this far.

Yes residents of Taggs Island will be the closest to the site but residents along Hampton Court Road, and visitors to St Alban's Riverside, the Temple and Bell Hill will all be affected. The Sea Scouts were paid by Surrey County Council to relocate to a reservoir because their previous location was too close to a Nature Reserve and their splash activities were not deemed by the council to be compatible with nature. They didn't go there and instead have put in this planning application, in Hurst Meadows nature reserve on Public Open Space.
I support the scouts having been one myself. Hampton Hill Sea Scouts have a hut on the riverside in Thames Close on previously developed land and as far as I know this is not a problem for anyone.
The new development is two storeys high and 30 meters long, facing Hampton, on a busy part of the river.
In response to Murdoch I would say this. The development is to be a hub to be hired out to groups from all over the country between 8am and 10pm. It will set a precedent for development of the riverside opposite Hampton and Taggs island so our children could face a line of buildings, even tower blocks, on the opposite bank instead of the natural view we see now. Once it starts commercial pressures to develop the area, as has happened in Kingston, would be irresistible.  

Also responding to Murdoch - We all tend to take the beautiful and historic river view at Hampton for granted. That green swathe of nature we see across the river from Hampton is Hurst Park in the borough of Elmbridge. Have you seen what developers have built opposite Hampton Wick riverside now near Kingston bridge, at what was Canbury Gardens? These massive ugly blocks of flats dominate the view across the river from Hampton Wick. Have no doubt, the same can happen opposite Hampton if we allow it. Although Hurst Park is highly protected land at the moment, it is both Public Open Space, flood plain and a nature reserve, if any part of it becomes developed it will just be a matter of time before commercial pressures allow development of the area and we will be in the same position as the residents of Hampton Wick riverside find themselves now. I don't want to see that do you? Hurst Park is potentially a very attractive location for any building developer, and with new riverside flats selling in the millions of pounds, it wont be long before the planning applications pour in.  The best solution is to be vigilant and oppose any building on the riverside opposite. 

I have added my objection along with 18 others, mainly from Taggs Island, which is to be expected, they could ask the rowing club, just a few minutes from the site proposed, to see if they could come to some arrangement.  A safer area, the one planned is on the bend of the smallest part of the river, with motor boats going down to the lock.  Total madness

It would be reasonable to think that given the outstanding protective designations which Hurst Park has, no one in their right mind would spend money applying for permission to put a large building over there facing Hampton unless they had inside information that it would get consent. I have been looking at the submissions online to find out more and I see this application was partly financed by the misleadingly named Molesey Residents Association, which appears to be a political party with councillors on the planning committee over there. The Elmbridge website is showing over 500 letters of support for the development from people all over the country. Could this be a planning stitch-up? Surely not! I think we have very good grounds to see this as the thin end of the wedge for development of the riverside opposite us and we should each do all we can to put forward our case to stop it.  I have been looking for HamSoc's objection letter but I can't find it. The non-political Hurst Park Residents Association appears to have come out very strongly against the development as have the Hampton and Molesey Riverside Trust, quite rightly!

Well I have objected on both Elmbridge and Richmond, what we need is more of us on the Richmond one as well.  Hampton Sea Scouts manage without having a big building on the side of the river.

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