My fiancé and I are having a registry office wedding in Richmond at the end of August and we are looking for a wedding photographer to take pictures during the ceremony and afterwards in the gardens (prob an 1-1.5hrs max.). Could anybody recommend a photographer for our special day that doesn't cost an absolute fortune! Many thanks!

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Congratulations, Sarah. Hope you find a great photographer, have good weather on the day and live happily ever after! :-)

Thanks Paul!

Hi Sarah,

Try Lawrence Phipps. He's a professional and local - he used to run Click2Print in Hampton Hill - 07976 404 277

A bit late for you now but for future reference you could try Claire Davies.  She owns a wedding photography business called Smile Everybody which is based in Hampton.  Her website is...

Her contact number is 07754 145 224

She also does family portraits but these aren't on her website.

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