It was a shame when Steadman's closed after its long service to Hampton and it was certainly a bit sad over the last couple of months to walk past its half-cleared shelves. Now of course the store is even emptier, but that does raise the positive prospect of something new opening. Does any know what it is likely to be? Or have any views on what it should be? Maybe something a bit different that can tempt the fairly large number of people that pass the shop ever day?

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It's really hard to know what would be viable/sustainable here but I agree with all the above comments. Also plus maybe stationery, refillable print cartridges, art supplies, children's toys, party stuff etc.

Just a thought, my children are a bit old now but there are so many children in the village now, plus for those of us who run local businesses stationery would be very handy.

Sarah - I would if I thought it would make any difference.  I was talking to a shop owner on Bridge Street at Hampton Court and she said they had the same problem around there but the powers -that -be said that if you put parking limitations in place, it just shifts the problem into the next street.  I suspect that would be the situation in Hampton.  It`s a shame really as I would love to nip down to the village with my Mum (who can`t walk very far so I have to drive) for a coffee and to patronise the local businesses but it`s not possible because I can`t park.

Shamelessly suggest you bring your Mum for lunch at The White House where there are 90 free parking spaces, lots of disabled bays and my super husband's cooking..... Sorry, couldn't resist that one!

It has been looked in to SO often...I even had a meeting at my house about it once but yes - a new person may have some exciting new ideas! 

It is something that we are going to look into for sure! As I actually live in the village itself, I know the problems that commuters and the mixed signage cause. Watch this space....

It would be lovely to see a craft work shop set up for and by special needs people with the help of local authority with the view to selling their items made, would give work experience to youngsters leaving schools/ college to experience working in retail and business. Also would help people back in to work place after suffering stokes etc. That would be my ideal use for the premises but in reality I can not see that happening but one can dream...

Anything to do with children would do well. Children's clothes, toys and party shop would do it for me. Would save me always having to go to Kingston or Kew retail park.

And don't get me started on the is so dangerous, every time I try to get in or out of my drive I run the gauntlet and I am sick of people glaring at me when I am simply trying to park on my own drive....the spread of cars from the station is growing every day too, so yes, if they deal with the parking round by the station, it will simply spread.

It's a bit rich to blame Waitrose. All of those Hardware/DIY shops closed long before Waitrose was on the scene. Besides they don't sell anything remotely Hardware-y!

Wickes (or what ever it was before) in Fulwell probably had a hand in the closure of the small surrounding Hardware shops.

A Hardware shop would be a great addition to Hampton. Something practical and useful for everybody. There are way too many cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and estate agents. If a specialist tea is required why not request our already lovely cafes stock it.

Bill Rosborough said:

Harold Newton Hardware was by the station, Tom Ware hardware was where Plentys restaurant is now, he also had a shop opposite the Police station ( now a hairdressers ) Bonfields was around by what is now the Cheese shop, Boyalls was in the High Street and there was Handymans corner at the raised mini roundabout at Tudor Road and the Priory Road junction ( now a Dentist ) and as previously mentioned the shop at the Dhillons junction.
Ps there was also a Hardware/Paraffin shop in the row of ( now ) houses on the Hollybush/Hatherop junction directly behind your workshop Jason
That Waitrose has a lot to answer for!

Jason Dorner - Island Locks said:

There was also a hardware shop by the train station, if I remember rightly?

I would like to ask a really straightforward question to the good people of Hampton. Before I am accused of having 'an agenda', yes I am a retailer and trader in the village so yes I do have an agenda.

How many people actually used Steadman's in the last year?

I have spoken to Peter many times and he had to close because people simply didn't use his shop. I am fully aware that Waitrose has better parking and probably better prices but any new retail business opening in Hampton can only survive if people use and support such business - whether it be a tea shop, hardware shop, art gallery or any of the other splendid ideas in this thread.

I am aware that the cafes and coffee shops of Hampton are seriously struggling due to so many people now collecting their free coffee from Waitrose.

This is genuinely not a Waitrose bashing - merely pointing out that it simply not possible to sustain a thriving local independent retail environment if we all use the large national retailers for items that can be bought from independents in the village.

We are very lucky to have independent butchers, baker, gift shop, florist, bike shop, coffee shops, tile shop, pet shop, shoe repairer, dry cleaner, more than a few hairdressers, and yes a cheese shop.

It's an old cliche but when one looks at the case of Steadmans, 'use it or lose it' is so very true.

Please use this forum to support local retailers and maybe you would like to consider how often you personally visited Steadmans.

Never used it. Not once. I would have used the everydays over the road or hampton supermarket opposite Waitrose before I went into Steadman's.

On the coffee point, Waitrose is offering nothing but free coffee. Nowhere to sit, nowhere to chat, no snacks. If the cafés in hampton are struggling it's because they need to up their game, up their decor and become more competitive. You don't have to go very far to find good examples of high quality independent cafés (Twickenham, teddington, Richmond etc)

I don't think yours is a fair argument, Chris. In order to compete there needs, at the very least, to be a relatively level playing field. Were Waitrose to be offering a free drink in return for a minimum spend that would be something, but they're not. All you need to do is have their card. No purchase is necessary.

No local cafe is going to be able to be able to compete with that. And it's not all about the 'drink in' trade, people who used to grab a coffee from one of the cafes either close to or at the station before boarding their train now simply pop into Waitrose.

When Waitrose came to Hampton they made lots of promising noises about not wanting to harm the local traders. Unfortunately the free coffee initiative seems to be doing just that.
You make a good point Gareth, but I would suggest that it's very unlikely that Waitrose will alter their free coffee policy (which is clearly well liked by the good burghers of Hampton).

As such, cafe owners would be well advised to compete on a playing field where they hold all the cards (i.e. seats, atmosphere, food etc).

Local traders should look at what Waitrose can't or doesn't offer, and then offer it.

Just one resident's opinion.

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