It was a shame when Steadman's closed after its long service to Hampton and it was certainly a bit sad over the last couple of months to walk past its half-cleared shelves. Now of course the store is even emptier, but that does raise the positive prospect of something new opening. Does any know what it is likely to be? Or have any views on what it should be? Maybe something a bit different that can tempt the fairly large number of people that pass the shop ever day?

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Chris, your reply has created quite a discussion in our household! What do you think is currently not offered locally? Or not offered by Waitrose? What would you most like to see?
But also we're interested in how a coffee shop competes with "free" coffees from waitrose?

Everything in the world is on my laptop. I can buy anything, read anything, look up anything. I no longer need a shop of any kind, a book, a newspaper, an encyclopaedia, actual human contact. When the village is gone, every independent trader is working for Tesco, the pubs are converted to flats because I can buy 50 Lidl beers for he price of a pub pint, with every relationship made through a dating compatibility website and all major companies are failing to pay tax in this country because they are diverting in more creative ways...What then?
As locals, as a community, as a village and as a country, we need to find our playing field. I just don't know what it is anymore.
Sorry if I've caused any controversy, but all I'm interested in is having the best 'high st' we can get. I think that independents and national chains can exist in harmony, but they need to play to their strengths.

I suppose the point I'm making is that I can get a free coffee in Waitrose, but there's nowhere to drink it. You can buy a croissant in Waitrose, but there's nowhere to eat it. I'm not sure I've ever suggested I meet friends to catch up over a coffee in Waitrose.

Human contact and the physical world around us are things the supermarkets cannot offer. Shops have always sold beer at a lower cost than pubs, but few go to pubs just to drink beer. They're there to drink beer with friends, surrounded by an environment and atmosphere they can't get at home, and certainly can't get in Lidl.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the coffee from Waitrose anyway! Would much rather get one with a crema from Chino's or similar (other local cafés are available!)
Haha! No apology necessary from you, but thanks for starting off our family discussion, which morphed into the decline of human society as we know it! Sadly though I do think we are ALL responsible for the decline of the High St. My kids jus went to Sainburys for a frappachino......

I have never understood the purchasing of coffee from a supermarket or the photos one often sees of 'celebrities' (I use the word advisedly) walking along with their coffee. Personally I find it impossible to walk and drink and would much rather sit down with a mug and have a good natter. Perhaps it's my age :) I heartily agree that human contact is declining and I fully admit that I do buy some things on line (but never food) - I hope you can come to the HPN drinks at The Dip (Railway Bell) on 17th June! 

I too am for a hardware shop, possibly selling garden stuf too

Yes a hardware store we just moved and need heaps of stuff. We don't drive and a hike to squires in this heat...nah!

Yes a hardware and gardening shop would be super. We always go to the one on the high street otherwise. I must say I hardly ever used Steadman's, it was difficult with a pram and really didn't look inviting. Every days always looked better and easy to get into with a pram.

Any news on what Steadmans will turn into? I heard rumours of a hardware shop, an Italian patisserie and now a chiropractor..??! I don't think an art gallery, tearoom or 'one-month' shop will work unfortunately.

Similar to my question about the unit next to Plenty on another thread - does anyone have any more intel on what the shop unit formerly known as Stedmans is likely to turn into? I was thinking that the shape and size of if would be ideal for a barber's, but we've already got enough of them!

BREAKING NEWS – Part of old Steadman’s unit available to rent from JUNE!

Perhaps as a pop-up shop, art gallery or craft shop. Ideas welcome!


  • 105 Sq Feet plus WC
  • Being renovated and refurbished to a high standard
  • Self-contained
  • Energy Bills Included
  • Business Rates payable by licensee (small business rate relief applicable)
  • Close to Hampton Railway
  • In the centre of the village - area with large footfall
  • Short term let - no tie ups or extensive costs as in a long term lease
  • Ideal for Pop-Up!

As can be seen from the outside there are 2 entrances to the old Steadman’s shop. The unit is now split into 2 with the unit on the left being available to let on a short term arrangement. Due to the size and benefit of a flexible short term let it would be ideal for someone local to try out a burgeoning new business idea.

Feel free to message back on here or give me a call on 07825110296. Or just grab me if you see me around the property or area. I’m open to all kinds of ideas for what we can do with this unit.


Good luck, Gagan. The empty space has been a bit sad so it would great to see something new and exciting pop up!

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