Sir, I have just read about the lady who had her car clamped in Hampton Hill. Can anybody tell me why it is that Government and Councils alike find it so easy to deal with us law abiding peasants yet, find it so difficult to deal with the 'Scammers' and serious law breakers. To mention just two. The wheel clamping scam continues to flourish, the Government pays 'Lip Service' but does nothing. Scotland sorted it out, why not England? A man dropped a five pound note and was fined by his Council for litter. Lorries fly tip hundreds of tonnes of rubbish all over the country side and it seems nobody is prepared to do anything. When the solution is so simple, like with no insurance cease the vehicle, only to be released when a heavy fine is paid. The wheel clampers could be gainfully employed hunting the fly tippers. I rest my case!!! Regards. Bryan.

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