Why does the council allow building works to start at the same time? We have one starting on one side of  Avenue Road at the same time as the other starting in Belgrade?  They are both starting on the 3rd February.  I will have building works behind me and in front of me, I will be sandwiched  between the two, I will not be able to get away from the noise.  I have no objection to those that wish to extend, but at the same time is not fair on those of us that wish to live a quiet life

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QUESTION: Are you assuming the left hand knows what its right hand is doing, and if it does, gives a damn?

Law is the short answer, Jan. The council doesn’t have the legal powers to say ‘Sorry, you can’t start yours until your neighbour has finished his’

And the flip side, I suppose, is that you may have two sites working at the moment but they’ll be done soon enough. Surely that’s preferable to 3-4 months upheaval on the one side simply to then start another 3-4 months starting immediately after, dragging it all on twice as long as the current situation

I agree Gareth, what I am amazed about is that I closed this discussion and yet people are coming through, I closed it as yet again I got nasty remarks.  Today and yesterday we have had the length of 4 houses with bollards outside, it took from 8am to 11.30am for a crane to come yesterday, that's ok, but today 4 houses blocked off with bollards and tonight as well. Nothing came. Bollards are illegal as we all know as it's a non restricted road, we are all trying hard to be patient, but when nothing turns up it is annoying as that takes valuable parking spaces.  At least put a notice up explain and allow people to park overnight.  The noise back and front is hard to take as there is not respite.  Agreed at least doing in the 'winter' months, so with a bit of luck once spring and summer are here we will have peace.

Sorry Janice- I deleted the inappropriate comments and then noticed the comments had closed. I thought I had inadvertently turned them off so turned them back on. My mistake. I will monitor the thread. 

Thanks Matt I have had a bad migraine all today and I couldn't find quiet. I don't mean to rant

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