We've been let down by our window cleaner in recent months and are looking for a replacement. Does anyone know of a reliable window cleaner who may have some space in their round?

thanks in advance. 

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Just taking this enquiry back to the top of the forum in the hope that others might see it. Hope that's ok.



Try Tony Stuart on 01784 258565. Or, a bit more expensive but reliable too and you can pay him on line: Jamie on 07955 438375.

I use GG Window Cleaning, they are very reliable and do a really good job.

You could try Chris - my mum has been using him for 35 years!

He's local and reasonable.

Chris 020 8898 2133

Thanks for all your replies.
GG window cleaning are coming to quote for me & 3 neighbours next week.
Mrs Hamptonquin

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