There`s no importance in this question really.  Just wondering.  I was talking to one of my colleagues a while ago about a wine bar my housemates and I used to go to in Hampton Hill when we first moved here in 1985. I think it might have been where Joe`s Bar was which may or may not be part of an Italian restaurant now. I want to say Scruples but I think that was a hairdressers.  Maybe I have "S" in my mind for some reason.  Can anyone remember please?

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I think that Joes Bar was the Valliant Knight pub in 1985? Not too sure where the Wine bar was.

Was the bar you were thinking of called Pickwicks? This establishment later became a Michelin starred restaurant (using a different name of course)

It was Pickwicks, which became Monsieur Max's, which became the very nice Italian restaurant Piazza Firenze.

Thanks for your replies.  That was it - Pickwicks!  My colleage and I were racking our brains trying to remember that.  I think my housemates spent half their lives in there.

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