Does anyone know if there are any events in the local area over the weekend regarding the above. Like a lot of people I will be working on Monday 4th August so would like to attend something over the weekend if possible

Thank you.

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Tonight, we will turn off our lights from 2200 until 2300 and light a candle to 'Remember Them'. It has always puzzled me why  Hanworth and Teddington have War Memorials with the names of local Service men and women who gave their lives in wars, but Hampton and maybe Hampton Hill does not. I Know there is a small remembrance garden with a flag poll in Oldfield Road (I lived in Oldfield Road for 20 years) and Brian Woodriff does a fantastic job each year organising the Remembrance Parade and Service, but a flag poll is not a permanent memorial with the names of those who gave their lives for us. If there is enough local enthusiasm, for a permanent memorial I could write to the 'Fuel Allotments Charity and the War Memorial Trust to see if they have any ideas or maybe a Hampton Councillor would want to leave their mark, people like me would be grateful. Regards. Bryan

Hi Bryan, I understand that there is a War Memorial in St Mary's Church which gives the names of local Service men and women who gave their lives in the War.  Because this is a significant year in our history this information was detailed in one of the recent Parish Church Newsletters distributed to local residents which also listed when the church would be open to the public in case residents wished to visit the church to view the memorial. 

Regards Ginny

Hampton's War Memorial is indeed in St Mary's Church. The memorial lists the names of the 136 Hampton men who were killed in action during the Great War. Above the memorial reads the inscription: ‘Erected to the Glory of God and in Grateful Memory of the Men of Hampton who Fell in the War 1914-1919’

The memorial also details the Hampton servicemen killed in action during the Second World War and the civilians that were killed by enemy bombs.

The church is open to visitors from 2pm-5pm every Wednesday and Sunday until the end of September. If you want to view the memorial outside these times, then please contact the Parish Office on 020 8941 7221.

My Grandfather was blinded in World War One and lived in the War Memorial Bungalow at No1 Oldfield Road Hampton. I am trying to find out more about his service and would be grateful if anyone can help. I live in Avenue Road from 1943 until 1965.


If you use Facebook, you might want also to post on: Did-you-do-you-live-in-Hampton? Hopefully, someone will respond with some information about your grandfather.


Many thanks Paul will do

Hello Mo,

If I were you I would start by getting a copy of your grandfathers 'Medal Card' which is quite cheap from The National Archives. You would need his Service Details. You could then pursue his 'Service Record'. But beware there are a lot of expensive archivists on the net. Good luck. Bryan.

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